Fat Burning Workout Advice

Hey folk’s in a recent question and answer session with my fat loss clients, there were some great inquiries about interval training, nutrition, and what are the  best fat loss workouts.

Jump back to “Fat Burning Secrets – Question and Answer Period” to take a look at these muscle building and weight loss suggestions. If you would like to ask a question, please stop by stop by my Facebook fan page.

Today, I share with you helpful ways to solving your workout problems.


Question: Hi there. Would I lose muscle mass through TT weight workouts if I converted solely to TT BW workouts for a while, just to break it up from the regular routine? If not, how long would you recommend I do this for?

Answer: You shouldn’t lose muscle mass, as long as you use bodyweight exercises that cause fatigue with fewer than 12 reps.

Question: Any advice on building lactic acid tolerance in quads? I’m realizing I have less tolerance for it than elsewhere in my body! Could it be due to stiffness or lack of mobility?

Answer: It has nothing to due to with stiffness or mobility. It is a biochemical issue and just depends on how you train. Your training must be specific.  Whatever activity requires tolerance must be trained for tolerance.

Question: if I focus on the movements that create most pain (lactic acid pain) and try to build up the amount of time I should increase my tolerance for it.

Answer: Generally, yes. But it should be all done in a program properly designed with adequate recovery.

Question: Do you always recommend working to a set program for 4 weeks or so or do you think you can get equal results from setting to a set structure but changing the exercises each session? And would it vary for muscle gain or fat loss goals?

Answer: You can get good results by being random, but not the best results.

Question: I used to compete as a natural bodybuilder, now as a dad of two young children I haven’t trained much in the last two years and am also 35. What would be the most effective program to put back on muscle and lose fat in the shortest amount of time with a 3 day per week program.

I am also a personal trainer and phs ed. teacher interested in teaching bootcamps. Do you have any advice? Thanks so much!

Answer: I’d have you start with two weeks on the TT Intermediate program and then move to the TT 2K3 program. Both workouts are in the main TT program.

As far as teaching bootcamps you can definitely use this resource for workout ideas and how to get bootcamper tips. Also check out www.ptpower.com for more free ideas.

Question: I’ve customized my own over time, but here’s an example: 3×8 super sets (push-up/squat, dumbbell row/dumbbell dead lift, dips/incline press, jumping lunge/straight leg DL, pull-up/shoulder press, mtn climbers/plank)

Also do you have a program I can pick up in the meantime? Do-able with dumbbells/bodyweight (and can alternate with intervals)

Answer: There is way too many competing supersets in there…for example, DB Deadlifts should not be paired with DB Rows. The grip is compromised. I don’t have enough info to answer your original question.

As far as the second part to your question… Yes I do have a program in the main TT manual has 6 advanced workouts that can be done with bodyweight and dumbbells.

Question: Been doing the same workouts for over 10 yrs. now. See good results but looking to change it up…I am very active with two physical jobs…very strong for someone in his early 40’s…benching 315 for reps…Just need a change.

Answer: For new workouts, check out Jason Ferruggia’s programs. He has a great blog at www.jasonferruggia.com. Diet is the key to fat loss, so you could achieve that with Jay’s programs and the right nutrition, or you could try some of the TT Meatheads programs. Those are pretty fun too.

Question: I’d like to know if boxing (heavy bag) can be used for interval training – I know, not as effective and sprints, but still, a break from the usual.

Answer: Hitting a heavy bag is going to be a LOT less effective than sprinting. The size of muscle mass used is much smaller.

Question: Hi. Just wondering what’s best to do first. I’m 6 foot and194 pound with approx 25% body fat. Would it be best to gain muscle first for a couple of months then lose fat or lose fat straight away? My goal is to be about 175 pounds with a body fat of 12% by the end of the year. Thanks

Answer: You should drop the fat first.

Question: Ever found any significant fat loss difference between these two scenarios: doing intervals immediately after your “main” workout and doing the intervals instead on the following day (on your off days from the “main” workout)?

Answer: I Haven’t found any difference…the only negative is having high intensity work every day for six straight days…I don’t know for sure, but could see that having greater risk of overuse injury and impaired total body recovery –  especially as people get older or live less healthy lifestyles.

Question: Love you philosophies on training and lifestyle Craig. In a great deal of your programs I notice that you have 3 working sets instead of 4 or 5 per exercise. Does the research say that this is the ideal amount, personal preference or is it a case of the “law of diminishing returns”?

Answer: Definitely, a law of diminished returns. One set will get you 60-75% of the results as 3. I believe 3 are still more effective than 1 or 2…but once you hit 3, at least for my audience, you’ve done enough.

That’s all for today, but stay tuned for more to come……..