Facebook and Membership Updates from the Mastermind

“I’m always amazed at what a group of like-minded and highly motivated people can achieve,” Bedros Keuilian said. “I saw that again in New Orleans where Craig and I hosted our Info mastermind (what an awesome groups of people btw!).

“I love seeing a group of motivated change-makers and thought leaders come together to learn, network, and elevate each other’s success,” he added. “This is what is called Time Collapsing – where you achieve greater results in your business, in a shorter amount of time, with less bottlenecks and frustrations.”

(This month’s interview with Ed O’Keefe explains more about the phenomenon of Time Collapsing… you’ll love it… and it will be released shortly…)

“Plus, the Mastermind is friends making money with friends at its best. That’s what happens when like-minded, service driven and highly motivated people come together. There is simply no other way to speed up success and your learning curve than with a Mastermind of people who have already achieved the level of success that you want in life and business. Find your mastermind, get in, and do the work.”

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What were the BIGGEST lessons from the Mastermind?

For me it was from our guest Facebook Ads expert Jimmy Harding. He told us that every FB offer needs a deadline with a countdown timer on the Thank you page (use “deadline funnels” technology).

And what did our Mastermind Members take away as their TOP tip?

“I loved Ed Scow’s tips on Facebook live videos and then boost and put your link in the first comment… I also liked his be honest, be transparent approach with affiliates and partners.” – Dan R.

“Since I am a newbie, I have a pretty long list of things I learned. Everyone’s presentation offered something innovative and unique. I really liked Ed Scow’s tips on attaining affiliates, how to approach them, offer something first and see what you can do for them.” – Carissa A.

“I really enjoyed Ed Scow’s tips on FB Live as well.” – Bryan H.

“Brad Pilon’s insight on continuity structure! And I must say numerous light bulbs lit up talking with you and Bedros about Rise and Hustle ideas. SO excited!” – Mike W.

“The number one thing I learned was Brad’s continuity model. The key was how to make it a “habit” and not just bunch of content. That being said, everything and everyone was great. Lots of insights and ideas.” – John A.

“#1 thing was from Ed Scow to know your numbers. For example, 500 clicks with a $2 EPC and revenue of $1,000 may sound good. However, when you compare 5,000 clicks with $0.50 EPC and revenue of $2,500 is better. Look at the overall revenue based on a specific list’s average results. The EPC can be misleading! Test, test, test was drummed into my head again. Jimmy Harding taught me heaps too about fb. And on a different note, there was a theme running through many of the presentations around NEVER GIVING UP! Thanks again for the awesome line up of guests.” – Lucy F.

“I really connected with Brad’s talk on continuity. Since I’m working on brand building and creating a community, thinking about creative habit forming was really beneficial. I also enjoyed Ed’s friendly reminders that we are all human and sometimes stuff doesn’t work. Test, tweak, and try again. This was the best mastermind in my opinion. Very applicable and inspiring content. Thanks!” – Julie L.

“Brad’s talk really hammered home what it takes to build longevity in this business as well as consistency in your business for less fluctuations and probably less stress. I am fortunate enough to be in this group where I get to get out of the “box” I live in normally and get my mind at a higher elevation. After talking with a lot of people and a conversation with Bedros Keuilian I have more clarity on what I need to do to make that next big leap. And what I learned the most from was standing up in front of everybody and presenting in the Mastermind Transformation Contest. It was not something I was thrilled about doing but it was also the #1 thing I should have been doing. So thank you Craig Ballantyne for pushing me into it.” – Frank D.

(Life Begins at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone! – #TRUTH)

“Jimmy Harding’s talk on Facebook advertising was great. Retargeting, how to use multiple images, have an offer on every thank you page with a timer, and how to start every ad. Ed Scow: Fall in love with the process, write headlines every day (new habit for me), we all go through funks, and Brad Pilon’s talk on continuity and becoming a habit for your customers. I am grateful for the opportunity to be around so many like-minded people. The positive energy, inspiring, and supportive people, connections, learning and growth are necessary to forge forward.” – Amy L.

“So many great takeaways. The continuity talk from Brad was timely and helpful. Mike Westerdal and I had a great talk as well about ethical practices. I have several actionable steps from Jimmy. Ed’s talk about honesty/transparency was awesome. The best thing for me, on top of all the lessons, was the chance to be around the group – we are an amazing and powerful group. I feel fortunate to be part of it and I love being able to share what I’ve learned.” – Shawna K.

“The best tip was from Bedros when he to drive people from social media to sales pages or content and not really worry as much about building a list, just have the pixels set up (Jimmy reinforced that too), then the custom audience becomes the list. I also learned that Bourbon Street is very, very dirty – but there is a yummy pizza place.” – Maria M.

And for all y’all that missed it, don’t worry too much. I’m working on interviews with Jimmy Harding (FB ads guru), Brad Pilon (continuity guru), Ed Scow (Facebook Livestream guru), and more!

Talk soon,

Craig Ballantyne

“If you want your life to be enriched, you need to learn to give – money, time, help. Everyone has something to give. Giving can be a joy and givers are players, not just observers.” – Rich DeVos, co-founder of Amway, author, Simply Rich

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