Extreme Fat Loss Workout Sessions

Now for something completely different…

Some TT readers want short and sweet. But not you.

You are the best of the best, the boldest of the bold.

You say, “Lil’ Craiggy, is that ALL you’ve got?”

You say, “What about Bally the Dog? Hasn’t he made someharder doggy workouts that I can try?”

You say, “MRT 1.0 was awesome because it was so hard. Giveme more!”

You say, “TT Hardcore? TT Hardcore 2k10? Been there, donethat, got the t-shirt. What’s next?”

You say, “Clash of the Titans with you and Roman? Crushed it.Give me MORE!”

So I say to you…

Get lean with TT Extreme.

Let’s start you off with just part of Workout A. You see, inTT Extreme Fat Loss, I’ve BROKEN all of the rules.

The workouts are longer and harder than ever before, but theywill get you crazy ripped.

And you have a “weird experience” to thank for this.

You see, back in November when we filmed the Home WorkoutRevolution program, we had three guys (me, Mikey “I’ll needsome pancakes after this” Whitfield, and Brian Kalakay alltaking turns filming the workouts.

I’d train hard for 10-20 minutes and then rest for 30 minutes.Then I’d do another hard workout, rep by rep, follow-alongstyle, just for you.

Then I’d get a rest.

On and on it went all day long. We’d get exhausted, recover,and come back for more.

Now I know that you can’t spend all day in a gym.

BUT I realized that we could have a little fun with this…

…and so in Workout A of TT Extreme, you’ll take some longerbreaks between “mini-workouts”, creating one of the toughestTT workouts ever.

Here’s how it goes…and please understand, this is NOT forbeginners, so train hard but safe (see full DISCLAIMER below):

Day 1 – Workout A – The Extreme 20-10 Revolution

  • Start with the general bodyweight warm-up circuit.-
  • Specific Warm-up Circuito Do 6 reps of 1A with bodyweight.
  • Do 2 reps of 1B.o Do 6 reps of 1C using 50% of your working weight.
  • Do 5 reps of 1E.- Rest only where stated.

The Extreme MRT Circuit

1A) BB or Goblet Split Squat – 8 reps per side (2-0-1-0)

1B) Chin-up with Knee-Up – 2 reps short of failure (3-0-1-1)

1C) DB Incline Press – 8 reps (3-0-1-0)

1D) DB Chest-Supported Row – 12 reps (1-0-1-1)

1E) KB Swing – 25 reps- Rest 1 minute before repeating 2 more times.

Take a little extra rest if you need it before moving on tothe next circuit called, “The Extreme 20-10 MRT”.

The Extreme 20-10 MRT

— We’re saving the exact exercises, sets, and reps for folksthat get the full program here. The ones that truly considerthemselves Hard-Core and need my toughest workouts

Take the FULL Extreme TT Fat Loss Challenge

After the 20-10 MRT, you’ll take a little extra rest ifneeded, and then finish off the workout with this bodyweightmetabolic conditioning circuit:

The Extreme 20-10 MCT

3A) Bodyweight Squat x 8 rounds

3B) RKC Plank x 8 rounds3C) Total Body Extension x 8 rounds

3D) Mountain Climbers (TRX) x 4 rounds- Do each exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

That’s one round

– Do each exercise for the # of rounds specified.

– Do not rest between exercises

Whew. You are done. Cool down, but keep moving. Stretch a little.Make an easy transition from workout to recovery. Don’t just liethere in a pool of your own sweat.

Please. That’s just so un-hygenic. Even Bally the Dog wouldn’tdo that!

But…I hope you enjoyed the “3 Workouts in 1” Extreme Session.

Heck, you could even break the workout down, and if you’re busy, youcould just do the first round of exercises, or the Extreme 20-10 MRT, orthe Extreme 20-10 MCT.

Each of those will help you burn fat. But if you’re one of theTT readers that is Hard-to-the-Core, then you’ll do all threeof those in one session.

  • Harder Workouts.
  • Longer Workouts.
  • Get Crazy Ripped.

That’s the plan with TT Extreme Fat Loss 2K13.

You won’t do this for more than 3-4 weeks at a time, and you’ll do soonly with your “thinking cap” on, making smart training decisions (i.e.if you need a day off or more time between exercises, take it).After all, it is The Hardest TT Workout Ever.

Get the Hardest, Toughest, Crazy-Ripped TT Workout here

So as you can see, we’re kicking off 2013, the year of theExtreme Workout, with extreme results.

This program is based not only on my personal hard-coretraining experience, but also on results from the TT 2012Study of the Year, PLUS the best-of-the-best TT fat burningmethods from all of the TT 2012 programs.

2012 was the year of extremes. Extreme weather. Extreme storms.2013 will be a year of Extreme Bests, including Your BEST WorkoutResults Ever.

Sound good?


Go Xtreme if you are done with Hardcore,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – This is so NOT for beginners that it’s not even funny.

Train hard but safe but hard. Got it?

Don’t even think of doing this unless you’ve already finished someof those other advanced TT workouts that I mentioned earlier.

PPS – But if you’re hard-to-the-core and……a TT “Lifer” that has conquered many a TT program in your day,then YES, you are ready for:

TT Extreme Fat Loss <= Get it on sale here

PPS – Full Disclaimer:

This workout is not for beginners, people that own cats, Kenny G fans,elliptical machine users, hippies, men that use their cellphones whilestanding at the urinal, close talkers, drivers that don’t use their blinkers tosignal a turn, or beginners.

Did I mention this is not for beginners?

Train hard but safe but hard.