Sometimes I find the best workouts happen when I’m on vacation. Even if I don’t exercise for a long period of time there’s a shift that occurs in my focus, energy, and enjoyment.

Taking a vacation is different for every person. Some like to stay active the whole time, exploring a new city and culture. Others can’t wait to have a series of “minimal movement days” on the beach with a good book. Still others enjoy a good mix of both.

No matter what your vacation goals are, it’s a smart idea to carve out a quick workout to start your day off right. You’ll boost your metabolism, stimulate digestion, and enjoy greater energy while also setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep in a new place. Overall you’ll enjoy your time off more fully having given a little love to your body.

Here’s a quick Total Body Travel Workout that you can do right in your hotel room – no equipment needed. Well, maybe an interval timer on your phone! If you don’t have one (or don’t want to get one) you can use your watch or choose a number of reps, such as 15-20, for each exercise… Or follow along in my video (above).

Give this a try on your next trip:

Perform 2-3 rounds of the circuit using the following interval guides:

Beginner – perform 30 seconds of work to 30 seconds of rest (30:30)

Intermediate – perform 40 seconds of work to 20 seconds of rest (40:20)

Advanced – perform 50 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest (50:10)

Modifications in parenthesis; Total Time 1 x through: 12 minutes

Travel Workout Sequence:

1. Prisoner Squat

2. Lateral Stepping Pushup (kneeling OR hands on a stable coffee table or dresser)

3. Single-leg Hip Lift

4. Rolling Pin Planks

5. Split Squats (Reverse lunges)

6. Bridge to Pike Pull-through (on a chair or coffee table)

7. Single-leg Romanian Dead Lift  (Use target set on the floor to appropriate height)

8. 90% Military Pushup  (Kneeling)

9. Lateral Squats (Sumo Squats)

Just because you’re on the road and your hotel offers little in the way of fitness equipment doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout right in your own hotel room.

Take time to enjoy your workout and the strength of your body… then go enjoy the day!

In Love & Gratitude,

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Missi Holt

PS If you missed my article on in-flight exercises, check it out here!

Missi Holt

Missi Holt is the fitness and nutrition editor for Early to Rise. She is a master nutrition therapist, certified yoga trainer, Certified Turbulence Trainer and an NSCA certified personal trainer (CPT). She also provides fitness and nutrition therapy through her own organization, Whole Life Health.

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