Everyone Needs This Person in Their Life


Everyone needs a coach. Even coaches. I hire coaches, seek out mentors, and will never quit being a student.

One of my coaches is my business partner, Matt Smith. He holds me accountable every day (we use an online tool called Idonethis.com to update our progress). He calls me out and questions me anytime he sees me slacking. He can really cut to the heart of the matter and gets me to address my weaknesses.

Coaching is essential to improving in any area of life. If you want to get out of a debt, you would be wise to get a mentor that has reached that goal. If you want to grow your business, you need to plug into a coaching program that gives you a step-by-step blueprint for taking action and achieving success. If you want to lose fat and transform your body, you should hire a personal trainer or recruit me as your virtual success coach.

There is a coach for everything you want to improve. Yet despite having an abundance of these resources at our fingertips we ignore the guidance we could be getting. And even when you have a coach, you can’t get the help you REALLY need if you don’t ask for it. Your coach cannot read your mind. They won’t magically appear with the answers if you are struggling but refuse to ask for help.

On the flip side, the more often I work with my clients, the better their results. The more open and honest the conversations we have about the obstacles in their life, the easier it is to overcome their little limitations and experience breakthroughs.

When that happens, you’d think they’d keep on with the coaching habit, right? Nope. That’s when they disappear again until I hear about their stalled progress. There’s no need to let things get like that. Stay in touch with your accountability partner. Get one if you don’t already have one. Be open and honest about your flaws, failings, and frustrations. Drop the ego. Open your heart. Ask for help.

I recently started coaching “J.M.”. Our first session, and even our first five minutes, was full of big breakthroughs because he made it so easy for me to help. He later revealed to me I had brought him to tears after the call. No, it was not because I said something harsh. It was because I showed him how much abundance he had in his life. He was overlooking his wonderful new situation in life because he was too focused on the fears of going bankrupt again. It was my ‘fresh eyes’ that helped him see what really mattered.

The reason for J.M.’s breakthrough session was his openness and honesty. He answered the questions I gave him uncensored clarity. He held nothing back. And we fixed so many of his problems in the first five minutes of our hour long call. That’s the power of being a good student and seeking out the right coach.

So get over yourself. Ask for help.

I want you to go through some of the questions that I asked J.M. on our first call. It will take you about an hour. Be open and honest with yourself. Hold nothing back. Let your heart connect with your mind and this will allow you to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your life. You too can make big breakthroughs through this virtual coaching session.

When you are done, reach out to an accountability partner you can trust, and make a promise to report to them every day. It will change your life.

If you need help, in any area of life (business, physical, financial, spiritual, or emotional), don’t feel guilty or ashamed for asking. You might feel like the walls are closing in on you, but trust me, the resources to fix your problems are right there at your fingertips.

Recognize your problems and then go looking for the right help. If you’re open, honest, and transparent, you’ll overcome those obstacles. I promise.

Set aside sixty minutes to answer these questions as soon as you can.

Time Management

What does your current daily workday look like?

How often do you check email?

Outline a perfect workday if everything went right – in terms of maximum productivity:

When is your Magic Time (the time of day when you get more accomplished in an hour than you do at any other hour of the day)?

What activities and environment foster maximum productivity, creativity, and well-being?

What is your current daily diet and exercise routine?

What are your biggest weaknesses when it comes to productivity and time management?

What are the “time sucks” in your life? What gets you off track each day?

How can you fix them?

What internal resistance stops you from changing any of the above?

If you were to stop working today because you had all the money you needed, how would you spend your day?

What are your top 3 priorities to improve in your time/energy management?


What is your purpose/mission in life?

What is your personal philosophy on life? What are the rules for your life? See this article for guidance

What is stopping you from living the life you need to?

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

What is your 10-year vision for your family?

What relationships do you want to improve?

What steps are you taking to improve these?

What are the things that you need to say YES to more in your life?

What are the things that you need to say NO to more in your life?

What steps are you taking to improve your health?

What are the 3 most influential books you have read in your life and why?


What is the ONE thing that has to happen in the next 12 months in order for you to say that it has been a BREAKTHROUGH year?

While I can’t read all of your answers, I’d love to hear from you if a question or two led to a significant mindset breakthrough for you.

Please post your feedback to today’s coaching article here.

[Ed Note: Craig Ballantyne is the editor of Early to Rise and creator of Turbulence Training, a scientific method to accelerate fat loss, and gain muscle in three 30-minute sessions per week. Today, Craig is launching a new set of follow-along videos for Turbulence Training series that has touched over 147,221 lives that have used the workouts, tips and videos. Click here to save hours in your exercise program each week]