Tough European Bodyweight Workout

I am off on a bit of a European adventure for 10 days, and should be cruising over the Atlantic Ocean on my way to Lithuania (via Copenhagen) by the time  you read this.

I’m meeting some friends at an entrepreneurship seminar for college students and then we’re off to Austria for some hiking. We have over 50 kids coming from over 30 countries (including Canada and the USA) attending the seminar, and it’s going to be an amazing, high-energy weekend.

At the end of each day I’ll take the students through a bodyweight workout and then we go swimming in a nearby lake. And boy, those European kids can swim.

Here’s a picture of a group of us having a tug-of-war match after a bodyweight workout last year – this was seconds before the rope snapped in half and I went flying onto my butt. (I’m at the far right.)






I probably won’t get to the gym much while on this trip, so I have planned bodyweight workouts that include the following:

1) Warm-ups such as:

– Prisoner Squats
– Mountain Climbers
– Prisoner Lunges
– Grasshopper Pushups
– 1-Leg RDL’s
– Stick-ups

2) Supersets such as:

1A) Chin-ups or Pull-ups on whatever bar we can find (1 rep short of failure) 1B) Pike Pushups or Decline Close-Grip Pushups (1 rep short of failure) – No rest between exercises…repeat until the students have a good arm pump

3) And my bodyweight cardio circuits for a metabolic finisher. I cycle through about 10 exercises for 20-40 reps each, and then I’ll look at the kids, see if they’re wiped out, and maybe challenge them again.

It’s okay though, they go nightswimming in the lake followed by big sauna parties, so they’ll get plenty of European muscle recovery.

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I’ll send travel workout updates when I can,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer