Killer Email for Opens and Clicks

I have good news and great news…

First, the good news. I had to pick between 6 different – and all awesome – topics for this week’s edition of “What’s Working Wednesdays“.

We could be discussing more launch secrets from Certified Turbulence  Trainer Brian Kalakay’s 5-figure launch, or the results of a new $1 trial offer in my business, or Yanik Silver’s “Oil Wells” business plan…

But we’ll save those for future editions.

That great news is that today, well, today…

To paraphrase Tony Montana…

“On the Internet, you gotta get the email opened first. Then when you when you get the email opened, you get the clicks. Then when you get the clicks, then you get the women.”

So now that we’ve cleared that up, let me show you an email I sent this week that sent over 7692 (and counting) clicks to my friend Mike Geary’s website.

I’m going to show you the EXACT email I sent, and even though you might not be in the fitness industry, there are a few BIG lessons from it that I’ll share below.

And if your readers would appreciate Mike’s article, you can even model my email and send out your own version if you want to promote Mike’s website. Your affiliate link for Mike would be:

(Make sure to replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank affiliate ID.)

So here are the results of a few emails(for comparison’s sake).

On the left is the email subject line, then next is the number of emails delivered, and then the second last number is the # of opens, and the final number on the far right is the # of clicks.

The email I sent for Mike was titled, “#1 Toxic food for your body (and you eat it every day)”.

This was sent to 86,931 readers, and had 13,704 people open it, and 7,692 clicks on the link in the email that sent people to Mike’s article.

Here’s the exact email I sent…and like I said, even if you don’t use this, there’s still a lot to learn from the email. You can use these tips (given at the end of today’s newsletter) the next time you want to get as many  clicks as possible in any of your promotions.

So here’s what I sent…

Subject Line: #1 Toxic food for your body (and you eat it every day)

Email Text: We have dessert for breakfast.

It’s in our yogurt.

You’ll find it in almost every drink at the store.

This is the #1 toxic food in your daily diet <= dangerous

But we can’t stop…

…because scientific research suggests it is as addictive as cocaine.

Could be killing you too…

…and making it next to impossible to lose belly fat.

My father also consumed a lot of this food, and it probably made his cancer worse.

This is the #1 toxic food in your daily diet <= dangerous

Please share this email with your friends and family so that they can take control of their health.

Eat well and be healthy,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Never forget…

…diet is more important than exercise.

Eliminate this toxic devil (find out more)

Removing – or even just limiting – this one food can make a big difference in your fat loss and your health.

So here’s how you model that…

1) Use a subject line that creates curiosity

2) Hint at something your readers should NOT do, because humans love being told what NOT to do more than what they should do

3) Link early (above the fold, so they don’t have to scroll down)

4) Make the link text related to the subject line text

5) Link three times in the email


That works.

Let me know how it does for you,

Craig Ballantyne

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”  – Roberta Brenick