Eliminate Internet Access

I pulled the plug.

It’s dead.

No more.

That’s right…I no longer have Internet access in my house.

And yes, I still run two nice-sized Internet businesses, Turbulence Training and EarlytoRise.com, along with several smaller publishing businesses, like KettlebellWorkouts.com, ChallengeWorkouts.com, and this website…

…but again, all without the Internet.


Because I want to get more work done.

I want advanced results.

And advanced results call for advanced measures. My Internet access is now limited to 90 minutes per day.

The first hour is around 10am, after my workout. The final 30 minutes is at 6pm, before dinner.

Everything I need to do on the Internet can AND will get done in those 90 minutes.

This will help me cut the fat.

So my daily schedule will look like this…

7-Dog walk
1-Lunch and dog walk
5-Read and feed (the dog)
6-Starbucks and dog walk

And yes, I have the systems in place to support this change.

For example:

1) My assistants will gather all email questions for me in a word document that I will answer once per week.

2) Assistants will set-up daily aweber emails to go out.

3) I will do all audio and webinar recordings on one day per month when I’ve made arrangements to access the net.

4) I’ll use the phone for important communications.

5) I will give more responsibility to my assistants, editors, and affiliate managers in my business.

These steps will allow me to free up 2 hours or more per day for quality writing while reducing stress and eliminating time wasting that I do on the net.

And I’ll finally be able to read all those Winnie-the-Pooh books I’ve ordered off of Amazon.

My challenge to you:

Set up your workspace and schedule to reduce Internet access time…even if it is just 30 minutes per day.

The difference will be dramatic.

Craig Ballantyne

“Promise Me You Will Always Remember: You’re Braver Than You Believe, And Stronger Than You Seem, And Smarter Than You Think.” – Christopher Robin To Winnie-the-Pooh

  • Alan

    Hmm, so you actually *didn’t* pull the plug.

  • Great stuff Craig, gotta try this one day

  • Ken Roetman

    Awesome info! I didn’t pull the plug yet but that’s next! What I did start doing was eliminate ALL TV! I have been a hell of a lot more productive and the funny thing is…I don’t miss it one bit! Shit man and I barely watched TV as it was! I’m going to try that Craig, thanks!

  • yes he did. he does his internet work at Starbucks, per the schedule.