How to Eat Cookies and Lose Fat

What happens when you lock a goofy Canadian fitness expert and eight delicious cookies in a hotel room?

Well, you get an empty cookie box, that’s for sure.

Let me tell you an embarrassing story, and what I did to stay lean after the damage was done.

Last weekend I was down in the beautiful and charming city of Nashville, Tennessee, for a meeting with my best Armenian friend and personal trainer business expert, Bedros Keuilian.

Now as it turns out, Bedros’ wife Diana is an amazing cook, and she always send along delicious desserts when Bedros and I have a business trip.

This time she cooked up “Chocolate Chunk Caveman Cookies” that were gluten-free (she used almond flour).

And even though Bedros and I had just finished up a steak dinner at the Old Hickory Lane restaurant in the Opryland Hotel, I decided to have a couple back in my room before bed.

Two turned into four, and then I realized what was about to happen…one way or another, the old diet truth was going to be proven right again:

“If it’s in your house (or hotel room), you’re going to eat it.”

It was just a matter of time, and so, believe it or not, I ate the entire container of eight cookies.

I was stuffed, and fell into a deep post-cookie slumber.

But even your #1 TT Trainer can’t eat like that without paying a price.

That said, I managed to fix my metabolism and cure my belly fat over the next three days so that I arrived home without packing on any fat pounds.

Here’s what I did…I used the tricks from Adam Steer’s new “10 Pounds in 12 Days” program.

It worked for me, and it will work for you too. You can even use it for rapid fat loss. It’s perfect for this time of year so that you can drop a lot of fat fast for holiday parties (or for the beach, for all our Aussie and Kiwi readers, or anyone going on a trip down south).

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Here’s the thing…

The 10-in-12 Diet is NOT a get-slim-quick starvation diet. It’s designed to keep you healthy and energetic as you quickly drop the most fat possible without losing precious calorie-burning
lean muscle in the process.

Adam uses two strategic — and little known — nutritional tactics to make this magic happen.

The first is his unique variation on the “Protein Sparing Modified Fast.” It’s basically a way to reduce calories without putting ANY of your valuable, calorie-burning lean muscle mass in jeopardy.

The second method is a fat cycling technique that Adam developed. Training your body to be “fat adapted” shifts it to burning fat as its preferential source of fuel. That part is well known.

But here’s the twist. By strategically depriving your body of fat for short periods of time, you can trigger a powerful surge in fat loss as your body basically eats its own fat for fuel.

And you’ve probably heard of carb cycling before. But Adam’s fat cycling, when done right, is even more powerful when it comes to pulling fat off your frame. Unfortunately, very few people are using it correctly.

By coaxing your body into this fat adapted state as you protect your precious calorie-burning lean muscle mass, you’ll actually see your belly get flatter in the mirror each morning. Your clothes will feel looser by day 4.

And by day 12 you’ll need to pull out some of your “skinny” clothes — or just go shopping for new ones.

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Enjoy your fastest fat loss ever even if you eat cookies,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Once you become “fat adapted”…

…you’ll have trained your body to burn even more fat for fuel than ever before.

But you’ll only learn how inside Adam’s “10-in-12” diet plan.