The Double Launch Trick

Back in January of 2013, I released my Home Workout Revolution videos. It was a big success, and yet something inside me said, “You have NOT gotten every buyer on your list.” And with that mindset, I re-launched the same product just 4 weeks later.

The second launch brought in 2/3 of the revenue. That was a big lesson. When you create a new product, give it the ol’ Double-Launch. Here’s why it works. Some folks don’t see your emails. Maybe they had a busy week. Maybe they were on vacation. Maybe they were in a bad mood.

Also, some folks might have wanted your product, but didn’t have the room on their credit card. A third reason is that they just needed more proof, and you’ll have collected some great testimonials after your first launch that you can add to your Double-Launch emails. Those factors combined give you a 2-for-1 revenue boost.

I followed this advice last month. After launching the Perfect Day Formula kit in January, we held a Ballantyne’s Day promo for it. Not only is Ballantyne’s Day everyone’s favorite holiday, but it’s also a great reason for a sale. Plus, we added an extra incentive to take action – the price was going up from $149 to $199 on Monday, February 15th. I also added a bonus coaching video.

The deadline day turned out to be our biggest revenue day of 2016 (so far). We sold 85 kits, and 50 of those sales came in the final 6 hours. The Power of the Deadline never ceases to amaze me. Full promo results:

Physical Kits                = 200   = $31,000
Digital Kits                   = 34     = $1800
Coaching Members     = 25     = $10,500
Lifetime Newsletters    = 45     = $3500
TT Workout Bundles    = 17     = $1300          

Total Promo Revenue             = $48,100

(Thanks to Roman for jumping in with about 15 affiliates sales.)

So far this year we’ve sold 600 physical kits and 114 digital kits for over $139,000. We’ll do more re-launch of the product in May, September, and December. I’m also promoting the PDF kit through podcasts (I’ve appeared on 21 so far and plan to do 200 this year) and affiliates (our next area of focus – let me know if you want in… commissions are pretty sweet when the average cart value is almost $220).

The kit is my life’s work in a box. I can’t imagine ever creating something that can help people more than what this kit is capable of doing for you and your readers. Here’s what it helps you do:

a) Take back control of your life using Rules and Structure to deliver the freedom you so desperately desire.

b) Use unique strategies to get more done in less time, accomplish your big career goals, and still get home on time for dinner with your family and time with your kids.

c) Create the 5 Pillars of Success in life to achieve any goal, from making more money to losing weight to finding the love of your life.

d) Develop a clear and concise Vision for your career and personal life that keeps you on the fast track to success in faith, finances, fitness, and family.

It’s all based on the 3-C formula used by noblemen, Emperors, and billionaires to achieve success: Control what you can, Cope with what you can’t, & Concentrate on what counts.

We’re also selling the book (and kit) directly on Amazon. The stats are pretty interesting.

Audio books = 384
Kindle books =180
Physical books = 262

Big Lesson: Why not add an audio version of your diet book or workout program? Add in some motivational content and people will listen to it again and again and again.

BTW, here’s one of the best Amazon reviews yet…(please add yours here)

“What a great book! A fast read that will change the way you think life should be lived! A quick summary of this book… STRUCTURE = FREEDOM. Ballantyne admittedly lives by extreme example… so we don’t have too. Just by implementing some of these techniques will drastically improve your days and overall life! Don’t own a business? No problem! I am a 9-to-5’er and have been implementing Craig’s methods for years to better my life and organize my days… Heck I even use his teachings and methodologies to organize my leisurely activities! So if you feel like you are ready for a personal change… don’t waste another minute. READ THIS BOOK!” – Jeremy Sloane, CTT

Get selling,

Craig Ballantyne

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