Don’t Let Your Ego Kill Your Success

There’s a new gal in my sketch comedy group. She’s smart, clever… and will probably not last 90 days.

I’ve seen so many people like her – not only in sketch comedy but in every type of business – self-destruct because of one thing: They spend too much time trying to prove how talented they are. Not by delivering extraordinary results that can’t be ignored, but by boasting about minor successes that aren’t very impressive… criticizing others without being qualified to do so… and giving advice without being asked for it. In general, by rubbing just about everyone the wrong way.

That is not the way to form relationships that will lead you to success. As MaryEllen Tribby said in her article “Is Your Ego Bigger Than Your Skill Set? ” “Whether you are working in a corporate environment or on your own, you should always be building relationships. Relationships with your customers, your competitors, and certainly with your curre-nt and previous mentors. If you take these people for granted… and start putting yourself ahead of them… you’ll be burning valuable bridges.”

It’s worth taking a very candid look at yourself to make sure you aren’t letting your ego get in your way. If you deliver extraordinary results, your talent will be recognized. Forget about trying to prove your value any other way.

[Ed. Note: Paul Lawrence is a business author and entrepreneur who owns and operates a six-figure Internet publishing company. He also produces the prestigious annual International Sketch Comedy Championships. For more information on his methods for success, check out his Dare to Live Your Dreams program

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