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It’s a killer play-by-play of how to dominate YouTube and make money online from the master, Bedros Keuilian. He is the guru when it comes to leveraging video, social media, and search engines to get a TON of traffic, celebrity, and authority from your work.

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——- Dominate YouTube and Make Money Online ——-

By Bedros Keuilian

Do you want to establish yourself as an expert online?

Do you want to reign in new clients with ease?

Do you want to share your knowledge with the masses?

I’ve got the answer for you, wrapped up in one word: YouTube.

Folks, your job is always to climb up that ladder of authority, to be that celebrity in your niche. Today, I’m going to teach you how you’re going to do that.

You’re going to make knowledge and expertise videos.

If someone is searching how to get out of debt, how to lose belly fat, or how to overcome anxiety, the highest-ranking results are the ones that lock in on key phrases, not just keywords.

When someone searches up “How to sell personal training” on Google, what shows up? Links come up, but what else?

Video thumbnails.

On this search index, I’d rather take the second or third spot with a video thumbnail over holding the first spot with my blog.


Because people are lazy. They don’t read. People will click on a video thumbnail that’s much bigger than just a link.

Someone might say, “Ooh, what about search engine optimization?” I mean, I’m dominating the search engines for my niche, but my priority is for my video thumbnails to come up.

As soon as people come to my videos, I hit them with a three-pronged approach: who I am, what I do, and how I can help them. Write that down. Your videos should always start off with these three points.

Now, those of you that have seen my videos know that they all start off with, “Hey, I’m Bedros Keuilian, and I’m a fitness marketing expert, which pretty much means I help personal trainers get more clients, make more money, and win their freedom. Today, I’m going to teach you ___________”.

That blank could be Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, five ways to get more leads, four ways to close people on personal training, etc. Maybe you’ll run with something like this: “Today, I’m going to teach you how to sell personal training.”

So now you need to find a keyword. How do you find these keywords?

You’re going to go to Google. In the Google search box, you’re going to type in “Google’s external keyword tool,” or you can just type in “Google keyword tool.”

All of you know at least one keyword for yourselves, right? For me, I know one thing that a personal trainer looks for is fitness marketing. So, in that Google keyword tool, you just plug in your keyword or key phrase.

Then, Google tells you that the people who search “fitness marketing” also search “how to sell personal training,” “how to open up a personal training gym,” “how to start a boot camp,” “boot camp marketing,” “personal trainer marketing,” etc. It gives you this slew of keywords and phrases that are related.

If you keep scrolling down that list, phrases like “fat loss workouts at home” will start to pop up. That doesn’t really apply to personal trainers specifically. That might even be where you stop taking stock of that list. Yet, you’ll still say to yourself, “Man. I just discovered 15 key phrases here that people are searching for.”

So take any one of those key phrases, put it back in the keyword tool, and it goes oh, anyone searching for ‘how to sell personal training’ is also looking for ‘personal training sales tools’, ‘fitness sales program’. And by the time you’re done putting some of those keywords in there, you’ll have around 50 exact key phrases that you know your avatar is searching for.

Remember: YouTube is owned by Google. It will literally just tell you what people type into the search bar.

What’s really neat about that is you can take all those keywords and phrases and make videos for each one. Each one starts off with who you are, what you do, and what you’re about to teach them. It’s that quick. You can’t hem and haw around.
Before we go further, if you’re thinking, “Man, I don’t have the quality that you do,” you’ll have to find another excuse. Look at the quality of my old videos. You can do better…

You know it’s more about delivering a powerful message that will make people rethink their health, and leave them dying to hear more.

Once you go through the three things you want to teach them, you end with, “Now if you like this video, do me a favor and like it, share it, subscribe to this channel, and click the link down below to go to my blog to get more free information like this.”

This is you giving a call to action. Why is that so valuable? Right now, you have a captive audience. YouTube will give them more options on the side related to your video. In my case, I have a lot more videos, so it shows them about 40-50% of my videos, and then some other people’s videos.

After you have your key phrase in mind and end your video, its time to focus your tags and content. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. I’m here to go through it all with you.

I’ll get back to how to decide on the content of your videos. For now, let’s talk about tagging your video.

Put the link right there in the description box. It pulls up three still pictures in the corner. Choose only one to use as a still. Next, you name the video the key phrase. So if my one key phrase is “how to sell personal training,” the video should be named “How to Sell Personal Training.”

Your camera probably named that still whatever, something like “Samsung A2345”. Just right click and name it “How to Sell Personal Training”, or whatever your keyword is.

By the way, you name the file on your computer the same exact thing. That’s how your video makes it to the top of the clutter.

Now, there’s plenty more to dive into on this topic. What should you keep in mind when making content? Where do you send interested viewers? What if your video is too long?

Don’t worry, I’ve got more details coming soon on how to dominate YouTube!

Committed to your success,


Killer content, thanks Bedros!

As he said, more info on the way very soon.

Now go take action,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Bedros taught me almost everything I know about YouTube…

…and by following his instructions, I’ve managed to get some of my videos watched over 1.7 million times.

That’s CRAZY!

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