Does Doing What You Love Mean Money Will Automatically Follow?

You’ve probably heard the saying, ” Do what you love and the money will follow .” Sometimes, it’s true. At other times, it is horribly wrong. You may love to meditate upon your navel – but that won’t bring riches unless or until you organize a program based on information about this very act, develop a marketing vehicle for the information to ride in, then magnetize a lot of people with your advertising who are willing to buy what you are promoting.

Truth is, you will greatly increase your odds for success when you put together information that both you and a lot of other people love. But if you are only one of a handful of people who can relate to your love, then “Sorry, Charlie – no riches for you.”

My advice for people who want to make a fortune via the creation of a book or program has two steps: (1) Make a list of everything you know how to do and like to do. (2) Then check to see how many of the things you like to do (or love to do) have products in the marketplace that are selling extraordinarily well.

If you find that what you love is already selling, there’s probably room for more. If what you love is not selling at all – chances are excellent that there isn’t a market for those products.

Now, there are always exceptions. In certain respects, my book, Combat Conditioning, was a pioneering work. The book teaches nothing but bodyweight exercises. No weights. No cardio. But the truth is, there were other bodyweight programs already on the market. After all, what do you think yoga is? However, none of the available books had the unique “combat” angle I used – and none of them taught the routine that my book espoused.

My first book, The Martial Art of Wrestling , was a “labor of love.” It was a book I was FAR more passionate about than Combat Conditioning. But upon publication of my wrestling book, I discovered a distressing fact: Wrestlers, by and large, don’t read books about wrestling. Fitness fanatics, however, cannot read too much about getting fit. Regardless of how in-shape they already are, they want more.

There’s a HUGE lesson in this, don’t you think? I learned it the hard way. Hopefully you won’t have to.

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