Diet and Life Advice from Bally the Dog

Woof, woof, back by popular demand, it’s Bally the Dog. I’m very happy to be here, as you can tell by my wagging tail. It’s Friday, and that means Fun Day in ol’ Bally’s world. (Actually every day is fun day in my doggy world, BOL – Bark Out Loud).

What I love most about Fridays is that that even my strict and scheduled owner, ol’ Bally The Human, gets to lighten up and let loose a little bit. Our dog walks are a little longer, my doggy bowl gets filled a little fuller, and the treats get handed out more often…plus, there are a lot more yummy smells in the kitchen compared to a boring Tuesday.

So I’m here to bark at important message to you…

**“What’s that Bally, Timmy fell down a well?”** <= That’s a Lassie joke, in case you didn’t get it. ☺

Ruff, ruff, no! Here’s the BIG lesson…

The Best. Diet. Ever. is being able to eat what you want, when you want. And you can – and should – reward yourself every weekend for all of your hard work, just like I was rewarded at dog-walking class when I was an unbelievably cute puppy do.

You see, you CAN eat what you want on weekends and still lose weight – while avoiding awkward situations where you have to explain why you “can’t eat this or that”. That’s worse than hanging around a cat. <= boo cats!

Discover the Best. Diet. Ever. here

So don’t be AFRAID of letting loose on the weekends!

Dieting on the weekend is awkward. Avoid that, and lose weight, with the new rules of dieting. 

Of course, you can’t eat like a drunken frat boy on a weekend Memorial Day bender down at the Jersey shore, but you CAN enjoy some of your favorite foods between now and Monday and still lose weight every week.

The new rules are backed by several scientific studies, and use our natural eating patterns of guilt-free weekend indulging while revving your fat-burning metabolism for Monday thru Friday. So take advantage of the Best. Diet. Ever. and…

NEVER Diet On The Weekends Again (and still lose 3lbs EVERY week)

Have a great weekend, free of diets…and cats!!!

Love ya,

Ol’ Bally the Dog, Certified Dog

PS – Here’s how to live…

“Wag your tail, love your friends, bark at the moon, give lots of kisses, play a lot, chase cats, eat what you love when you need it, and always see if you can get away with sleeping up on the bed.” – Bally the Dog, Certified Philosopher

PPS – Here’s another way to live…

Live everyday with passion and purpose. Create your vision for what you want to accomplish, and act in congruence with it. Your vision must inspire you and your family. Put your passion into it. Do not hold back. And never, EVER give up on what is important to you.