Dealing with Criticism like Oprah and Tebow

On Monday morning, as I finished my breakfast, I overheard an interesting conversation on the radio between the co-hosts…

Female Co-Host: Oprah’s in Toronto this week filming her show, but I guess you’re not a big fan?

Male Co-Host: Ugh, Oprah. Can’t stand her. Actually, I guess she’s not so bad now.

Female: Why don’t you mind her now?

Male: Well, I heard she’s struggling…


And that’s the kind of BS that we have to deal with everyday.

THAT is the guy’s reason for not hating her anymore…because she is STRUGGLING.

Everyone’s a hater.

This hate-itude that is so popular these days is incredible.

Take for example the crowd at the Yankees game booing Tim Tebow. He’s only a nice, upstanding young gentleman, who if you had to pick a guy to date your daughter, you’d choose him, but what’s he get?


So if Oprah and Tebow get their share of hate, you will too.

“You can’t be great without the hate.” – Craig “Jackie Chiles” Ballantyne

In fact, the greater you are, the more haterade that shall be poured upon you.

But you can’t let it affect you.

After Monday’s email about ignoring the critics, I found this post on the blog:

“Great article Craig. I’m going through a bit of a tough day today – dealing with a sudden dump of criticism and hard feedback. You have no idea how much this helped.”

Hey, no problem.

Your comment reminded me of an email I sent last year, one worthy of resending just to show you an example of the hate I get…I’m sure many readers have some dooozies of their own…just remember, it’s NOT real.

Remember that male radio co-host who hates Oprah?

Put him in a room with Oprah and what would he do?

He’d kiss her ass, that’s what.

And that’s what your haters would do too…or at the very least, they’d act hypocritical and certainly wouldn’t have the guts to call you names in person.

They are only willing to do that in the fantasy land of the Internet. In the real world, they’d like you like anyone else.

Never forget that.

Alright, so here are the insults I’ve received…you should also get a laugh from this…

Read the “Three Insults” post here:

And discover how to deal with criticism…while enjoying a laugh at the people who hate me.

Keep pushing on,

Craig “SBR” Ballantyne

“Your reputation is harmed the most by what you say to defend it.”- Nassim Nicholas Taleb