Take The Day Off And Still Make Money

This is one of my favorite pieces of advice from Dan Kennedy and gives you an opportunity to have fun in your marketing.

You kind of get to take the day off and still make money.

And it’s just another reason that people will connect with you and stick around longer.

What you’re going to do is run some marketing messages from a “character” that you make up.

It could be your dog, an “evil” or “funny” side of you, or even from one of your staff members. (In the case of the latter, it could be a message from your assistant saying that since “you are gone for the day”, they are having a sale.)

The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it!

In my TT business, I often will send out a workout tip or promo from ol’ Bally the Dog. I did this again last Wednesday with great results. The open rate and CTR were slightly higher than normal, even though I had already mailed for this opt-in.

(Good dog, Bally, good dog!)

Here’s the email that went out.

Subject: free workout from Bally the Dog

Woof woof, young Bally the Dog here to give you something really cool.

I hate it when my “old man” calls me ol’ Bally – I’m still a young pup! And getting into plenty of trouble, too.

Last weekend I stole a ham and a banana off the kitchen table because I wanted some snax. Can you blame me? You sure as heck can’t stay mad at me because I am so cutez!

But what really matters is this cool free workout that I want to give you.

It’s another 4-minute miracle follow along workout for your abs and you can get it for free here:


Plus, you’ll get 3 more free workouts from ol’ Craig the Human.

Get all of your free gifts here

Your poochy friendingz,

Bally the 6-pack Abs Dog
Certified Dog

P.S. – Why workout longer than 4 minutes?

If you do, then you don’t get to lie around as much all day…and I love to just lay there on my mat and sleep.

So even I, young Bally the Dog, love these 4 minute workouts.

Get your free workout here

And then spend the rest of the day letting your elevated metabolism do its job.

Bark to you soon!



Ah yes, good times, having fun with “characterz”.

Make sure you are doing the same.

Even Mikey “Funny as pancakes” Whitfield could write an email as “Sargent Whitfield” and change his tone of voice…or “Evil Mikey”.

It switches things up and gives your audience another reason to open up and be info-tained by your emails.

That’s what it’s all about when it comes to creating the connection with them, and keeping them as long-time, happy readers.

Have fun and make money,

Craig Ballantyne

“Lead with passion and purpose.” – Bedros Keuilian

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