CTT Vision for the 2019 TT Summit

And the winner of the 2019 TT Trainer of the Year Award is…

Picture yourself at the 9th annual TT Summit. You’re in the beautiful surrounds of Beaver Creek, Colorado, at a gorgeous ski resort. You just finished an incredible bootcamp workout with Daniel Woodrum, Master CTT, in the fresh mountain air with a killer view over nature’s beauty.

You’re in a room with over 500 other CTT’s from all around the world. You’ve met new Go-Givers and connected with other trainers that you’ve known for years from TT events. It’s like a family reunion. You’re here to celebrate your success, learn from the top fitness professionals in the world, and take home ideas on how you can help more people and grow your successful body transformation business.


The first item on the list to celebrate: We have just certified our 5,000th TT Trainer. A film crew from OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) is on hand to watch Daniel make the presentation on stage. A standing ovation is given. High-fives are exchanged with your neighbors. The room is buzzing. Next up, it’s time to recognize our newest celebrity trainer. One of our CTT’s has just signed a television deal to host a new-and-improved version of The Biggest Loser, where they will show the world the best, fastest, and safest way to lose weight fast – with TT, of course.


Our MC for the event, Bri “The Highest Energy Guy” Kalakay, Master CTT, steps back on stage. It’s time for him to announce the total number of transformations that the TT world has helped create. Last year the number stood at 3,573,618. We had only two years to go until the deadline for our goal of 10,000,000 Transformations. The crowd hushed. Brian reached into an envelope… a drum roll was played…“Seven million, nine-hundred and seventy-seven thousand, three hundred…and ONE!” Brian yelled.,Everyone in the CTT crowd went nuts. We doubled our total transformations in a year, and it’s almost certain that we’ll hit our goal of 10,000,000. “Congratulations everyone,” Brian said, “But remember the 8th TT Core Value. We still have work to do and we must never, EVER give up on what is important to us. Keep on pushing on!”


It was time for our next round of winners. Ray Ortiz, Master CTT and the TT’s business development officer, handed out awards for the best TT-FBBC location (there are now 117 TT-FBBC locations around the world) and the best CTT business owner. Daniel brought up the CTT with the most transformations documented in the last year, and then presented the award for the 2019 TT Rookie Trainer of the Year. What a year. What a weekend. What a week! So many CTT’s had been at the resort for several days, participating in extra workshops, Masterminds, and elite level certifications on bodyweight training, kettlebell exercises, building 6-figure bootcamp businesses, and running body transformation contests. The event was an amazing experience, particularly for the large number of our Certified Trainers that were once TT clients themselves. After making dramatic body transformations, these men and women went on to become TT Certified and now help anywhere from 20-250 clients each month. They help more people, make more money, and do it all thanks to the most Advanced Fat Loss and Client Attraction Certification in the world – TT.

Our global TT Certification organization is run by a small core group of 17 support staff, with a home base in Denver at our Early To Rise offices.

We also have regional support staff member in Canada, Chile, Brazil, England, Germany, Malaysia, India, Australia (where TT is extremely popular!), and even in the Middle East. The TT Certification team oversees the daily activities and client attraction strategies taken by TT Trainers everyday. We have TT Trainers in over 117 different countries. Our CTT Facebook group counts 3,553 active members and 55 Master CTT’s are delivering new content everyday. These Master CTT’s also teach monthly live certification seminars around the world and are a key component to the rapid growth of our organization.

You get Done-For-You marketing materials, helping you close more clients, and the most effective fat loss workouts in the world for you to implement with your clients. By having this structure in place, we deliver more freedom for your life. Every day we work together towards our main mission of helping 10 million men and women transform their bodies and their lives. This happens through helping TT Certified Trainers create the best TT bootcamps, semi-private training, and personal training sessions, plus through the three TT Transformation Contests that we run each year online and offline. Since launching the TT Certification in February 2011, TT clients have lost a combined 30,000,000 pounds of body fat, with our top fat loss success story dropping 125 pounds in just 9 months. He has since gone on to become TT Certified and has been on national television 5 times, including once on Oprah’s network.

Certified TT Trainers are featured in over 50 regional newspaper stories every month, and over 12 national stories annually, all because of the results of our TT trainers and the results of their personal training clients. Initiatives such as the “TT Transformation Contests”, the “TT Trainer of the Year Contest”, and the annual TT Summit garner national TV exposure each year, and 10 of our TT Trainers have been featured on the covers of major magazines this year. Our client’s succeed by getting on track for a $50K/year income within 12 months of completing their TT Certification. Our results are unmatched in the fitness certification world, where almost all certifications simply provide generic skills and neglect to commit even a single page to the topic of client attraction and retention.


Certified TT Trainers enjoy the most financial freedom and security of any certified fitness professional. They are constantly being given new training material and done-for-you Client Attraction advice each month through the TT Educational Newsletters. With the done-for-YOU materials, you’ll be able to focus on what you love doing – helping people transform their bodies and their lives. TT is the pinnacle of the fitness industry. It’s often been said that it’s as if we identified everything negative about personal trainer certifications and organizations and we tossed it out the door and started a new kind of fitness and fat loss certification. That’s because we did, because we knew it was the only way to make TT the dominating force in the fitness industry today.


The TT Certification System enables our trainers and their clients to achieve faster results, and a happier and healthier lifestyle. We show them how to change their lives, and the health of their families as well. That’s what our 10 Million Transformation Mission is all about.

And now it is time for us to wrap up the 9th TT Summit. Of course, there’s one more award to be handed out, and it’s the prize that everyone has been waiting for – and buzzing about – all week long. I walk on stage, accompanied by 14-year ol’ Bally the Dog. He started attending the TT Summits at age 12, and he draws quite a crowd each year. I take the envelope from his (slobbery) mouth, open it, and announce…The winner of the 2019 TT Trainer of the Year Award is…You? It could be.


To your future,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT