How to Deal with Criticism

You ever hear the phrase “liquid courage”?

That’s what some people call booze. After all, it gives otherwise timid folks the ‘courage’ to speak up and say what they really feel. Of course, they often regret what they end up saying.

Well, the Internet is “virtual courage” because it gives folks the ability to hide behind anonymity and criticize others.

You’ve probably experienced this. It sucks, right?

So let me take the sting out of their insults and explain to you what their criticism really means.

Their criticism is actually a compliment.

Critics are afraid of the change you are bringing to their world. They want to preserve the status quo and so they use criticism not as weapons, but as a tool to defend their way of life.

Unfortunately, the criticism they lob at you can hurt, and can even destroy your good intentions.

“You’re wasting your time,” the critics will start, “Nothing ever works for you.”

It can all be too much to bear – but only if you let it.

You see, here’s the truth about dealing with criticism.

Criticism is a sign of weakness, not strength.

It is defensive, not offensive.

And you, my friend, are stronger than all of it.

It’s easier to deal with criticism and attacks when you see them for what they really are, that the criticism and attacks are simply ways for the attacker to protect themselves from
whatever it is in life that they are lacking; whether it is talent, courage, integrity, self-esteem or self-confidence.

They use criticism to protect their ego.

Once you understand that, you end up feeling sorry for the attacker, and you can laugh at or brush off the negativity and keep marching forward.

How do I know this?

Because I have first hand experience.

I receive my fair share of criticism and attacks, mostly via the Internet from anonymous sources.

Readers of my fitness newsletter have called me a balding, skinny little runt. Others have called my dog and I, “pathetic.” (Hey, easy on the dog, he’s sensitive!)

But none of this matters. I will not let spiteful criticism and verbal attacks from anyone deter me from going after what is truly important to me.

It’s essential that you understand how little harm that words can do – as you know, words can never hurt you – unless you let them.

But you won’t, at least not anymore, now that you know the true reason for those words being hurled at you.

Criticism is the first and last defense of someone that feels inadequate around your power and accomplishment. They are scared of your power. It’s a compliment to you.

You can feel sorry for them, but not for yourself.

Now that you see how the world of criticism works, you’ll no longer be fearful of it. You’ll no longer let it hold you back. You’ll no longer curtail your own ambitions because you dread critical attacks.

Instead, from today on forward, you are going to live stronger, bigger, and better than ever before.

The world needs people that achieve great things. The world needs you to live up to your potential. The world needs you and your talents and your big ideas now more than ever. The world needs you to be the best and biggest you that you can be.

There are many people, just like you once were, that want to improve their lives in one way or another, but they need a leader. You can be that person. And when you do take charge and ignore the critics, you will become a better person.

When you live and lead by example, you can only improve.

Stand up what is right for you at this time.

Stand up against your critics.

Stand up for others.

When you do, you will make everyone better.

Stay strong, get stronger, and keep pushing on.

I’m right here with you,

Craig Ballantyne

Life’s easy when you live it the hard way…and hard if you try to live it the easy way.” – Kekich Credo #4