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Critical Fat Loss Motivation

Yesterday, while babysitting lil’ Lily Marion (yes, I canz babysitz), it hit me.

The next 72 hours are CRITICAL for your success. This is the exact time of year when forward momentum stops. Plans are scrapped. Dreams are put on hold.

SuperBowl weekend (for North Americans), and the “February Fat Loss Plateau Curse” for everyone around the world, can be frustrating and deadly for your goals.

I know. I’ve been there.

My first year of college (or University as we call it up in Canadia) completely put me out of my routine. I ate poorly, drank too much, and just couldn’t get into the habit of my workout routine which I had built up for three strong years in high school.

It was embarrassing. I was ashamed of the 10 pounds I had gained and muscle I had lost.

It’s not your fault that you might be suffering from a dip in motivation. It happens to all of us. I wasn’t always a GQ fitness model with abs.

Fitness companies weren’t always stealing my image to put on their T-shirts and equipment boxes.

You see, back in the day, during my first year at college, I became downright disappointed with my belly fat situation.

But something happened in that 2nd term…

…I re-gained my commitment to my goals.

Like you, I felt “enough was enough”.

I was tired of looking like crap…but you know what was worse? How I felt. I hated being tired all afternoon. I hated getting sucked into an hour of TV after classes and then trying to find energy to study at night.

One day I decided it had to stop and I had to change.

And with the help of the fitness advice I was learning each day in my classes, plus from my personal studies of every fitness magazine I could get my hands on, I began the journey towards the creation of Turbulence Training.

Towards “Turbulence Forever“.

You see, I’m not only the President (as the old TV ad goes), I’m also a client.

I’m the original TT Success Story.

The first, but far from the last.

And I hope you’ll be the next.

This quote came into my life this week – at the perfect time – and it will help you:

“It’s perfectly okay to want to quit – as long as you don’t.” – Fran Tarkenton

So whatever I can do for you, please let me know.

There’s nothing that can be done about the past – you can only improve the way you do things in the future.

If you need help, just drop by the TT Facebook page and ask your question here

If you are struggling with motivation today and are thinking of skipping your workout, then just do me one tiny little favor?

Just go to your workout space and do your warm-up.

Just 5 minutes, that’s all you need.

And once you get through the warm-up, promise me you’ll do just one set, okay?

Oh, and do me one last favor, just do a couple of intervals for me too, pretty please?

If you do that, I promise you’ll end up doing the whole workout, and probably having an amazing session too.

That’s “Forward Progress” as they say in the NFL.

Keep your forward progress going for the next 72 hours.

Kill the curse.

Get that all important small victory.

The one that delivers the momentum that keeps you going.

Listen, my friend Roman got into town last night, and we’re going to be hanging out and working on Kickbutt Mindset Tips to help you beat ‘the curse’.

No matter how you are doing going into February, it is our promise to you that you’ll leave this month kicking the fat loss curse to the curb – forever.

Everything we do this month is about giving you the tools, workouts, and nutrition tips to make everything EASIER.

Fat loss will come simpler and quicker if you can make it through the critical next 72 hours.

Stay strong until Monday. If you can do it, celebrating each small little victory along the way, you’ll be on the path to achieving your biggest goals in 2012. I promise you that.

It’s our mission to show you the way. To show you what Roman and I have been lucky enough to achieve.

Like you and I, Roman struggled too. Everyone struggles. But there’s a solution for all of us.

Stay strong – and give us a chance to show you the way to fat loss forever.

We’ll be working on a plan for you all weekend long. Stay tuned for your step-by-step solution next week.

NOTE: If you are rocking along and don’t need a good kickbutt mindset email, you can jump right over to this SuperBowl
Sunday workout QnA I’ve prepared for you with an awesome plan:   ttfatloss workouts-exposed

Either way, you are awesome.

More awesome than a cheat meal pizza on SuperBowl Sunday with your bestest friendz in the whole world.

I’m lucky enough to be kicking back with Lily Marionz, Roman, Kim Lyons, and a few other fitness folks this weekend to
watch the game. Oh yeah, and Joel will be here too.

Giving thanks, thinking up new workouts (my new “Turbulence Forever” comes out next week for you), and getting motivated
with the best fitness minds on the planet is my plan for Sunday.

I’ll be back next week with the exact plan to help you get through the “February Fat Loss Plateau Curse“.

Stay strong my friend,

Craig Ballantyne
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”. – Napoleon Hill