A Tool to Create Your Vision and Get EXACTLY What You Want in Life

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2006 was a pivotal year for me. I suffered through six weeks of crippling anxiety attacks that ultimately led to me creating The Perfect Day Formula. I also hired my first business coach, Tom V., and the very first question he asked on our very first call sent me on a journey to achieving one of biggest goals in life.

“Craig,” Tom said, “What do you want your business to look like in five years?”

“I want to have a business like Early To Rise,” I said. At the time I was a subscriber of and regular contributor to EarlyToRise.com (ETR), then owned by Mark Ford (who originally wrote his ETR articles and books under the pen name, Michael Masterson).

Tom thanked me for the clarity and then we turned our focus towards my product launch. We never spoke again of this dream, but now my ‘wish’ had been released to the Universe.

Tom’s question allowed my dream to become a concrete and crystal clear vision, and I began at once a program of self-mastery. I started building the skills (writing, speaking, and coaching) to help people improve their wealth, health, and personal relationships. I also started overcoming my introverted nature and began building the network needed to attract more opportunity into my life.

This approach of doing the work and meeting the people who bring breakthroughs into your life is a sure path to success, and something I call, The Law of Action Attraction.

But it all starts with your Vision. You see, when you know precisely what you want in life, you know what you need to do to achieve it.

For example…if you want to take your family to Disney World, you know to book everyone a ticket to Orlando. From there you reserve a rental car, punch the address into the GPS, and then drive along the recommended route.

It’s that simple. Likewise, a clear and concise vision for our future reflects our desired destination in life. The path to success is obvious. It shows you how to get there fast and avoid detours. It saves us time and energy while getting exactly what we want in life.

“Success is simple once you accept how hard it is. Only then will you be mentally prepared to do the difficult work and to persist no matter how tough it gets. It’s not easy, but success is simple.” – Craig Code #2

Creating a vision and implementing the Law of Action Attraction allowed me to buy Early To Rise in 2011, exactly five years, three months, and seventeen days after my first call with Tom. Since then I’ve helped hundreds of my clients use the exact same system to achieve their big goals and dreams for their health, wealth, and relationships.

Today you must craft your vision. It must be clear and concise, as specific as possible, and you must begin to implement the Law of Action Attraction to make it come true. When you do, success is a sure thing. This is the greatest gift I could ever give you.

I was introduced to the concept of creating a vision from Ari Weinzweig, owner of the famous Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ari laid out eight steps for creating a business vision, but over the years I expanded the vision process to create clarity in every aspect of your life (health, wealth, relationships, and career).

“You must have a vision before you start strategic planning,” Ari wrote.

After all, you can’t get directions if you don’t have a destination, right?

You’ve probably read how to create a vision in the Perfect Day Formula. But I’ve added two additional steps to make it easier for your vision to come to life, and for you to experience the joy of getting EXACTLY what you want in life… as I did in 2011.

“It’s amazing how close reality will get to your vision if you stick to it.”

Step #1 – Pick a Specific Date in 2020

When you create your vision with me at a Perfect Life Workshop, we have you pick a date 3 years into the future. Make it a meaningful day of celebration, so perhaps Father’s Day, Christmas Eve, or your birthday.

Step #2 – Use the Questions in The Perfect Day Formula to Write the First Draft

Writing a vision for your life is like creating the movie script for your future. You’ll write as if you’ve already achieved exactly what you desire.

Don’t hold back as you write. Do NOT reject any ideas that come from your heart and mind. Do not edit yourself. Be creative. Be vulnerable. Craft the clearest, most concise, biggest, and specific vision as possible. I’ll even show you how to create the 10X version of your vision when you attend a Perfect Life Workshop.

Step #3 – Share Your Vision With Positive People

It was only because I shared my vision with positive people that I was able to build the skills and network needed to meet to turn my dream into reality. Sharing my vision with my friend, and soon-to-be business partner, Matt Smith, was the missing link in making my dream come true. It was Matt who ran into Mark Ford at a seminar and had the fateful discussion that led us to buying ETR from Mark in 2011. If I had kept my vision to myself, or if I had been too scared to share my dream, it’s possible I would have missed out on this golden opportunity.

Don’t worry about feeling silly when you share your dreams with other positive people. When you share your vision with positive people, they will go out of their way to help you achieve your vision. However, you need to be careful about telling your plans to negative people that might sabotage your success or bombard you with negativity or harmful messages. Choose your confidents wisely. That’s why it’s best to have me help you build and refine your vision at one of my mastermind events.

Step #4 – Strategic Planning

It’s one thing to dream about going to Disney World, but getting there requires a next-level approach of planning and action. Fortunately, when the vision for your life is clear and concise, your planning can be simple and precise.

This is where a coach is essential. It’s only through strategic planning that you’ll be able to build the roadmap to get to your personal Disney World in life. And no matter what you want to achieve, you need to have step-by-step instructions for success. You need 30-day action steps blueprints and you need to have your Perfect Day dialed in for domination so that you can achieve EXACTLY what you want in life.

Step #5 – Implement the Law of Action Attraction

Once you have your destination in mind and a plan prepared, it’s time to head out on the road and take action. Unfortunately, most people know what to do, but fail to do it. That’s where the power of Professional Accountability is invaluable.

You see, while this is not politically correct to say, the fact is that the life we currently lead is because of the choices we’ve made. It is our personal responsibility for the success – or lack thereof – that we presently enjoy (or rue). We are the ones that made the decisions that brought us to this point in life. We chose our friends. We determine what time we get up each day and what we do in that first magic hour. And it is decisions like these that dictate how far we get towards our destination each day.

For example, it’s 9:05 a.m. on a Saturday morning as I write this. Last night I flew from Los Angeles to Tampa and then stayed up till 1 a.m. catching up with a friend in need. I knew full well this meant sacrificing my regular wake-up time and early morning writing. My schedule would be thrown off, but the late night life-changing conversation was far more important than selfishly sticking to my sunrise session.

However, that didn’t mean I would waste the day. Instead, I was back on track as quickly as possible. While my friends slept off the alcohol that allowed them to open up, I rose early to write this letter to you. This work could not wait. You needed to these lessons and I had a deadline to hit – and a responsibility to help you.

Likewise, you are responsible for what you’re doing right now. This is how you’ve decided to spend your time. This is how you’ve decided to take care of yourself. If you want your life to change, you must take responsibility for decisions you make and the world you create.

To achieve greatness, you must act in accordance with your vision. That’s how you attract success. This is The Law of Action Attraction. It worked for me and it’ll work for you too. I guarantee it.

If you’re looking for a great tool to help get your mindset and intention right, I’d encourage you to check out Coach Gavin McHale’s Money Mindset Visualization Exercise at https://www.DailyMoneyAttraction.com.

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