“Crazy Carb” Workouts?

Happy American Thanksgiving Week!

Hope you are enjoying my favorite side dish this week, Sweet Potato Mash!

I don’t need any turkey, stuffing, or even gravy. Just give me a bowl of sugary sweet potato mash (with pecans, of course), and I’m a very happy – and stuffed – boy.

But there will be no Thanksgiving for me this week, since I’m back up in Canada enjoying some time on the farm.

For now… we’re going to talk about Crazy Carb Workouts that burn off boatloads of sweet potato mash AND stuffing.

These crazy crab workouts are called “Glycogen Depletion” sessions.

And today you’re going to get 3 instant exercise changes that allow you to have better workouts and deplete more muscle glycogen.

Quick Science Lesson:

  • Muscle glycogen is another name for the carbohydrate energy stored in your muscles… like the carbs from your sweet potato mash!
  • You also store carbs in your liver, where it’s called liver glycogen.
  • The more muscle glycogen you deplete in a workout, the more calories you burn (during AND after exercise), and the more fat you will lose.

But onto the workout fixes.

#1 – Slow Lifting

If you’ve never tried this before, you’ll be shocked.

A slow lifting pace can really bring the burn.

The burn means carbs are being burned.

For example, if you do squats with a 3-second lowering phase and a 3-second “standing up” phase, you’ll really feel it.

This burns carbs and depletes glycogen.

It also builds up lactic acid levels in your blood.

Increased lactic acid levels increase growth hormone, a powerful fat burning hormone.

That’s how this trick can boost your weight loss.

#2 – Calorie-Burning Interval Challenges

These are a great way to improve your interval training workouts.
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Pick a bodyweight exercise like “Running in Place”, “Prisoner Squats”, or “Total Body Extensions”, or a kettlebell exercise like swings or snatches (but make sure you get instructions on good form).

Now pick a time … for example 20 seconds, 30 seconds, or even 1 minute!

Do your warm-up.

Now set your timer.

Then go!

Record the number of reps you do.

Rest twice as long as the interval and then go again.

Do that up to 6 times.

The more reps you do = More muscle glycogen depleted = More calories burned

This is a simple, yet powerful way to put fun back into traditional interval workouts and get more results.

#3 – Modified Exercises

If we can crank out a few more reps in each set, then we can deplete more muscle glycogen. One way to do that is by switching to an easier version of the exercise as you fatigue.

For example, try this “Pushup Triset” for 60 seconds… or more (if you can)!

Advance: Start with decline pushups, then upon fatigue you move immediately into regular pushups, and then finish with incline pushups. Each subsequent pushup is an easier version and allows you to do more reps, and deplete more glycogen.

Beginner: Start with pushups, then move to kneeling pushups, and then just hold the top of the pushup position.

Good times.

But that’s not all…

I use many other glycogen-depletion methods in Turbulence Training.

Turn up the turbulence.

That’s a good one. (T-shirt worthy.)

And that’s what you’ll get to do on Thanksgiving with an EXTREME workout.

Stay tuned!

Get ready to turn up the turbulence,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Harsh TRUTH!
Ignore the gimmicks, such as, “cold water burns calories”, or “adding lemon to your water burns fat”, or “negative calorie foods”. These are all a joke when it comes to fat loss.

Instead, focus on the 2 things that get results – a diet of whole, natural foods and short, burst intense exercise.

Don’t get caught up in the tiny things while ignoring what really matters! Plan your work and work your plan. You can do it!