Grrrrr. Craig-Hulk angry.

Craig-Hulk go SMASH the computers of bad woman’s magazine.

Craig-Hulk’s mother (Hulk-Mom) buy magazine every week at Hulk-grocery store.

It full lies and BS.  Make Craig-Hulk mad. Magazine cover say, “Miracle weight loss pill
now available”.

Craig-Hulk call BS.

Even dumb-dumb Craig-Hulk know ‘miracle pill’ no exist.

Magazine lie.  Magazine also say, “burn 2600 calories in 45 minutes”.

More BS, say Craig-Hulk. Craig-Hulk no dumb-dumb.

Ok, Craig-Hulk kind of dumb-dumb, but not THAT dumb-dumb.

Magazine full of lies and recipes for cupcakes. No joke.

That why Craig-Hulk mad.

Because Hulk-Mom buy magazine because of lies and it do bait-and-switch. Magazine promises weight loss advice but give recipes for 2000-calorie meals that no help Hulk-Mom’s health.

Even Bally-Hulk-Dog no like magazine.

(But he like Hulk-Dog-Treat…you give if you see Bally-Hulk-Dog. He Hulk-lick you).

Craig-Hulk say ignore bad magazines.

Instead, find real fat loss info in Joel-Hulk report here.
See picture of Craig-Hulk beside hot she-hulk Minka on page 22.

She-Hulk good. Make Craig-Hulk less angry at bad magazine.

And Joel-Hulk show you burn fat all day.

Also make Craig-Hulk happy see you get result – best result ever with science from Joel-Hulk.

You learn H-MRT.

Hulk-Metabolic Resistance Training.  Supersets of car tosses and car smash.

SMASH good.

That’s how Craig-Hulk do MRT. He burn calories. Lots.

But no lie and say 2600 in 45 minutes like bad magazine.

You go. You get. You-Hulk. You-SMASH fat. You-good.

Get real Hulk-fat loss info here.



PS – Tomorrow you get Craig-Hulk H-MRT workout.

But today you get Joel-Hulk report here.


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