Copywriting Sales Letter Questions

The ‘guru’ of selling, Perry Belcher, has a “Copy Test” that he runs on every new sales letter he writes.

It’s simple.

He reads it aloud.

This is something that you should do with EVERY sales letter you ever write.

It won’t be the most exciting 30 minutes of your life, but you’ll catch some very important “copy hiccups” by doing so.

Perry claims, “It will probably improve your copy by 100%.”

That’s a bold statement. But I believe him.

Plus, Perry’s not done yet. The guru has eight more questions for you that will make your writing – or sales videos – better.

Here’s his 8-part copy test:

1. Did you grab your readers by the throat your readers with your headline?

2. Did you clearly explain that you understand the problem?

3. Did you show them so much proof that they can’t possibly doubt what you had to say?

4. Did you show features and benefits to your offer that included the word so in each line?

5. Did you ensure your prospects that your product will be very, very easy to use?

6. Did you ensure to your prospects that your product would work very quickly to solve the problem?

7. Did you clearly explain the pain of the experience by not accepting your offer?

8. Did you demonstrate incredible value in your offer so much so that your prospect would feel stupid by not buying your product?

Take your time and put plenty of thought into those questions. Your success depends on it.

Now here are my Final Thoughts on all the great info from Perry:

Perry is a great salesman.

What allows him to stand apart from so many other “Internet Marketers” is his vast experience in different forms of selling (in person, from the stage, in print, online, etc.), his relentless dedication to the craft, and his natural storytelling ability.

I could sit and listen to him talk all day long.

And he has a great, down home story for everything. Perry is big on stories, and insists that you become a better storyteller. Stories actively engage the reader’s imagination, and the audience remembers more when you teach via stories.

Heck, if nothing else, you’ll remember the story I told you last time about what we had for lunch in Austin. Right?

All because it was part of the story.

Keep that in mind – along with Perry’s 21 sales copy points – when you write your next letter.  And your bank account should go BOOM (in a good way),

Craig Ballantyne

“Take the lunch-pail approach while answering your highest calling.” – Frank McKinney