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The sales hits just keep on coming!

Today you’re getting a killer copywriting tip from one of my past coaching clients who I call “Mr. X,” one of the BEST copywriters we’ve had in our Mastermind group. 

For years he consistently shared these BIG nuggets of gold in our private coaching group, helping other members go from zero to thousands of sales between Mastermind meetings.

That’s the power of a mastermind group. In fact, we just wrapped up our May Unstoppable Mastermind a few weeks ago.

On May 4th and 6th, we met at the Canopy Hotel in my current home of Cancun, Mexico. Early to Rise’s Coaches Daniel Woodrum, Gavin McHale, Galel Fajardo, and I taught topics to about 40 attendees who traveled as far as Paris, France to learn and collaborate.   

We covered many topics, including some tips on copywriting, like you’ll learn shortly from Mr. X.

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Now, onto Mr. X’s  Copy Tip!

Copy Tip: “The NEW Way Vs. the OLD Way”

By Mr. X

Here’s something powerful you can start sprinkling into your sales letters, VSL’s, and even your email copy…

I call it the “New Way vs. the Old Way.”

It’s really simple… All you do is talk about the OLD way of doing things and how the old way doesn’t work anymore. Tie the “old way” into some personal stories that the reader has probably gone through…

Then give them the NEW way that’s easier, faster, and produces better results. For example, if we’re talking about weight loss…

The OLD Way is:

  • Counting calories
  • Portion control
  • Eating less and exercising more
  • Lots of cardio
  • Hoping and praying to lose a pound or two per month

And the NEW (depending on your product):

  • Never count calories and eat until you’re satisfied
  • Never feel hungry for a single second
  • Exercise less than 10 minutes a day
  • Eat whenever you want
  • Consistently lose 2-5 pounds a week, week after week, by eating a few simple foods for breakfast.

Tear down the old way and build up the NEW way. Show them the new way is the EXCITING way they aren’t hearing about anywhere else. 

Finish up your message by tying in your product as the only way to get them the results they desire, and how ONLY you can help them get there faster than they ever imagined possible.


That’s killer copy. Thanks Mr. X!

One of the marketing philosophies that’s stayed with me throughout the years has been from Mike Hill who said: “If your copy works, you won’t have a traffic problem.”

The advice Mr. X shared about “The Old Way vs. The New Way” is great because it provides the reader with a deep contrast of two ways to handle a problem.

See, the more that you can enter a prospect’s mind and truly FEEL his or her problems, the more effective you’ll be at helping to persuade them to do what you’d like them to.

When you can create an emotional connection with the prospect with your copy, you’ll leave your prospect thinking, “Wow, it’s like they’re talking just to ME!”

When you can create that emotional connection, the prospect will feel heard and validated and will have a much easier time justifying your solution over the old, tired ways they may be used to.

That’s why this copy method from Mr. X is quite genius.

The “Old Way vs. New Way” strategy, in essence, revolves around contrasting the traditional way of doing things with a new and improved method – your product or service.

Let’s examine how this technique can supercharge your copywriting.

Illustrates the Problem Clearly

First and foremost, the “Old Way vs. New Way” approach helps you clearly highlight the problems with the existing method – the “Old Way.” By discussing the limitations, inefficiencies, or disadvantages of the traditional way, you can make your audience feel the pain points more acutely.

This, in turn, creates a sense of urgency and desire for a solution, setting the stage perfectly for you to introduce your product or service as the “New Way.”

Sets Your Product as the Solution

Once you’ve effectively illustrated the problems with the ‘Old Way’, you can present your product or service as the “New Way” – the solution to all these problems. This method provides a natural and logical progression in your copy that makes your product or service seem like the obvious solution.

By showing how your offer directly addresses and eliminates the issues with the “Old Way,” you can significantly increase your conversions.

Amplifies the Value of Your Offer

The “Old Way vs. New Way” copywriting strategy is an excellent tool for amplifying the perceived value of your product or service. By contrasting the “Old Way’s” drawbacks with the benefits of your offer, you can make your product or service seem even more valuable.

The starker the contrast between the “Old Way” and the “New Way,” the more valuable your offer will seem.

Creates a Compelling Narrative

This strategy helps you create a compelling narrative. People love stories, and the ‘Old Way vs. New Way’ approach provides a perfect story arc. It starts with the status quo, introduces conflict (the problems with the “Old Way”), and ends with a resolution (your product or service).

This narrative structure not only engages your audience but also makes your copy more memorable, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Promotes Easy Decision Making

By presenting your audience with a clear choice between the inefficient ‘Old Way’ and the efficient ‘New Way’, you simplify their decision-making process. When the choice is between sticking with a problematic status quo or switching to a solution that resolves these issues, the decision becomes a no-brainer.

The “Old Way vs. New Way technique is a potent tool for copywriting. By painting a vivid picture of the problems with the old method and presenting your product or service as the superior alternative, you can create a compelling motivation for your audience to buy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this copywriting technique and how you plan on using it.

Craig Ballantyne

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