Copy Checklist

Over the years, ye ol’ Godfather has read a lot of books, been to almost as many seminars (or so it feels like), and taken copious notes on sales and copywriting.

Recently, to help Gary, our ETR copy writer, create his stellar sales letter for my new Turbulence Training program, I went through all of my files and put this checklist together.

(Note: Some hard-core, politically-incorrect secrets were removed – not sure if you can handle the full truth just yet!)

But you’ll discover dozens of buying triggers to include when writing a sales letter to any market.

Take the time today to review and go through and add to yours. Do all that you can. It’s worth your valuable time to get better at selling. – Craig



There’s a lot in this email…print out. We’ll get through it all next week.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of my Daily Docs and copy notes and here are the things that you and I need to do after the Copy Logic.

Some things you’ll need to do on your own in advance, like Step #1.

The others we’ll do together on Monday when I arrive in Denver.

1) After you’ve made the CopyLogic changes…

…please run all the copy through Perry’s 21-step system.


Some simple yet brilliant tips in there.

2) Get everyone in the office to do a CUB

This is from the Copy Logic process. It’s where we get 5-6 readers to go through the copy and mark C-U-B beside the copy wherever it is “Confusing, Unbelievable, or Boring”.

3) Make sure that this BIG STUFF has been addressed:

o What is our USP?

o Do we have a BIG IDEA that people can get in seconds?

o Are we following Perry Belcher’s “One belief ” rule? Perry suggests that the copy should only demand the reader to believe ONE big message. What is our One Belief?

o Do we deliver massive amounts of social proof – are we using all of the TT Transformation Winners that we can use?

o Do we need to remake a list of the deep emotional benefits of the product?

o Have we created a complete list of ALL objections that our prospect might have? Once we do, we need to make sure that…

We address major objections upfront
We make major objections into minor

o Have we written the copy with this in mind?

“People will do anything for those who Encourage dreams, Justify failures, Allay fears, Confirm suspicions, and help them throw rocks at enemies.” – Blair Warren

Have we delivered proof and reasons why TT is different and in a category of one?

4) Have we covered the 11 Principles from Yanik/Cialdini

o Story/Damaging admission — detail rich, transformational, dramatic
o Reason Why for special claims or offer/Grand crusade
o Specificity that is personally meaningful
o Truth to overcome skeptics
o Curiosity
o Authority – As seen on/in
o Scarcity
o Social Proof
o Contrast (price)
o Reciprocation
o Commitment & Consistency (what image have our readers created for themselves that our copy must uphold)

5) Have we covered these points from Yanik’s Maverick Rules

o Big idea, big promise
o Delivering 10-100x’s value
o Charging a Premium price with Reason Why

6) Have we included these TRIGGERS from Joe Sugarman

o Consistency with previous actions
o Emotional needs & expression
o Logical needs/justification
o Stimulate imagination of ownership
o Use integrity to overcome doubt
o Value proving points
o High value, low price
o Credible message
o Crazy guarantee
o Analogy/link to something they know/familiarity
o Desire to belong & collect
o Sense of urgency & exclusivity
o Simple offer patterned after other successful offers
o Guilt/reciprocity/indebtedness
o Power of Implied Hope

7) And have we used these copy ideas from Dan Kennedy

o Celebrity Tie-In
o NEW & Improved
o Category of ONE
o Risk reversal
o Courageous personal promotion
o Promise of a Cure
o Sell deeper meanings
o Elevate/multiply self with media
o Reason to believe
o Dramatic examples & the right pictures
o Make price a non-issue
o Authority association & approval
o Trust/Affinity/Disclosure
o Proof by #’s
o Grand Crusade led by Larger than Life Figure
o Sell original dream to the discouraged
o Urgency from what has already been lost
o Membership exclusivity
o Personally possible
o Personally attainable
o Personally beneficial
o Personally perfect timing
o Personally appropriate

NOTE: Everything from “Authority” to “Personally Appropriate” is fromKennedy’s Opportunity Marketing seminar…

I’ll tell you all about this in a future email…really glad I went to that seminar.


And just as I expected, Gary took these tips and hit a Grand Slam with the final TT letter.

Read the Ultimate Turbulence Training sales editorial here

It is the most well-researched letter in the fitness industry by far and is giving our affiliates an EPC of over $1. That’s practically unheard of in the fitness industry.

Check that checklist,

Craig Ballantyne
“Leapfrogging through big ideas + massive networking + taking nearly inhuman amount of action = success” – Rick Kaselj