Cool Thing I’m Doing Today


Only one year too late…

I’m going into the studio today to record the audio book version of The Perfect Day Formula.

I know. I know. I should have done this last year when it came out.

But let me explain a few things…

First, sometimes you just have to draw the line… there’s only so much you can do and something has to get cut from the to-do list.

In the rush to finish the PDF kit and sales copy in time for last January’s launch, I was absolutely crushed for time.

I just couldn’t do all of the marketing and still get into the studio.

Truth be told, I spent most of Christmas Eve and Christmas DAY morning finishing my sales copy for the Perfect Day Formula kit (the big orange box that so many of my readers have bought and used to change their lives this year).

So to say I was short on time is an understatement.

That said, the biggest MISTAKE I made with the PDF book and kit was not recording the audio book version.

Now don’t be too hard on me…

…At least I was smart enough to get someone else to do it.

And get this…

The audio book version OUT-SELLS the physical book and the kindle version at a 2 to 1 ratio.

Couple of my guesses why…

First, the audio book version is about $5.

Audible, the company you sell audio books through, limits the price of the audio book based on the length of the book.

And because the PDF is so short, it’s only $5. Meanwhile, the physical book is $20, and the kindle is about $7.95.

Second, you can consume an audio book here, there, and everywhere. You can listen to it (hands-free) while washing the dishes, exercising, driving your Ferrari, walking your dog (or my dog), sitting on an airplane, or juggling knives. (That’s when I listen to most of my audio books!)

It’s simply much easier to consume audio than to sit and read a physical or digital book. (That said, I’m a ‘dinosaur’ and I only read physical books… I can’t actually consume content without compulsively taking notes and writing articles about what I learn, so I always have to be sitting down and using my hands anyway.)

Alright… so back to what I’m doing today…

After an exhausting — and record-breaking Toys for Tots weekend here in Denver (more about that on Friday) — I’m finally going into the studio. I’ve booked two 4-hour sessions so that I can meticulously record my version of the audio book.

And so that means I’m too ‘busy’ to write an article for you today (and yes, it’s taken me 459 words to get to this point… ha ha).

So I have a couple of high-value, but free, audios for you today.

The first one is something completely different… It’s my first-ever audio (call it a podcast if you want) interview where I talk to a friend about anxiety.

In this call you’ll hear me and Justin Brooke (a very famous Facebook advertising guru) talk about how he suffered from severe anxiety, got hooked on meds because of the stupid big pharma / medical industrial complex, nearly went to jail and lost his family, but then rebounded with natural cures to overcome anxiety and go on to build a 7-figure digital business.

It’s a really fun back-and-forth bantering conversation where we both share our war wounds from battles against anxiety.

You’ll even get to hear my story about how I realized I could beat anxiety while I was taking a whiz. Yep, this is a raw recording, all right!

Today my mission in life is to help millions of people beat anxiety … so if you, or a friend, struggles with it, please listen to this audio and share it:

Listen to the 1st ever Anxiety Audio Podcast here

(BTW, both Justin and I both had pre-show anxiety about doing a show about anxiety… that might be the best title ever for a podcast: “The Anxiety Show Where Everyone Has Anxiety About Doing the Anxiety Show” with your anxious host, Craig Ballantyne!)

Ha ha. But seriously… we both had anxiety before the show. LOL.

Your second free audio comes courtesy of another interview I did with my friend Brian Copeland at KGO radio in San Francisco.

Brian’s had me on his Motivation Monday show three times now, and in this episode we talk about how to deal with stress of the holidays.

The big lessons are to…

  • Spend time in introspection (thinking about all of the obstacles that will come up)
  • Plan to deal with those obstacles
  • Have the right mindset and recognize there are certain things beyond your control, and we just have to cope with those the best we can.

    You can listen to the Holiday Special show here

And finally…

I’ve recently started posting short lil’ FB videos. The feedback has been great…

“You need to post more videos of yourself talking like this. You have finally touched my heart. Thank you.” – Monica Silva-Soper

Watch the daily videos when you become a fan of The Early To Rise FB page here

Alright, time to go talk my book.


Talk soon,

Craig Ballantyne


“Be the leader everyone is looking for. Build others up. Share your successes. Show them what you’ve had to overcome. Give them hope and opportunity.” – Craig Ballantyne, author, The Perfect Day Formula