Change Your Mind About This

First, a story…

Sunday was NOT a Perfect Day…

I left California at 11am, and I could feel a bit of a cold coming on. (I’m sniffling right now.)

That day a major snowstorm moved into Toronto (the same one that dumped inches upon our dear TT readers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois).

Because of that, my flight landed an hour late, and I had a treacherous 3-hour drive home in the snow and slush from the airport at 30 miles an hour (it usually takes 90 minutes).

I didn’t get home till nearly midnight (4 hours past my bedtime!).

And I got stuck in the driveway when I got home. Ha!

But wait…

Maybe Sunday WAS a Perfect Day because…

  • My 4 hour flight was fun… I got to read the paper, some magazines, and a few newsletters
  • I met some interesting fellow travelers and told them about my book (even gave away a copy)
  • I had a nice little snack while I watched the airplane map (my favorite thing to watch)
  • I was the 2nd person on the plane. (YES, I’m THAT guy that lines up 10 minutes early!)
  • And I snuck in a little nap on takeoff (I always relax and fall asleep as we lift-off)
  • My drive home, while slow and a little scary, was SAFE, and I was so happy to enter the city limits of my little town, Stratford, because I knew the worst was over.
  • I came home to this Christmassy scene
  •  And my friend Bedros Keuilian and his team at Fit Body Boot Camp bought over $20,000 worth of toys at their Toys for Tots drive!


Christmas in canada   Fbbc tft
Christmas in Canadia…                …and Christmas in Chino Hills, California


YES, it WAS a Perfect Day.

Then I realized…

Life is all about perspective, right?

That’s why you hear Costa Rica is the world’s happiest place… and that people in Thailand are always smiling… and that folks in many poor countries are happy with what they have.

So no matter what you are going through…

Change your perspective…

When you do, you’ll own your days… and you’ll WIN your life!

One thing I’ve learned over the years since owning Bally the Dog is that you can always choose to be HAPPY.

That ol’ pooch is always wagging his tail, givin’ kisses, and making friends.

We can take the same perspective to getting fit and losing fat.

We must always look on the bright side of our struggles and we must turn them into strengths.

When you stumble, get right back on track.

Everything “bad” that happens is just minor damage that can be dealt with.

Besides, the past is the past… we can’t change it… we can only learn our lessons and move on.

That’s the biggest lesson to take home today.

So if you are struggling…

Change Your Mind About This

And think:

  • I am not struggling, I’m just learning.
  • I’m not dwelling on past mistakes, I’m focusing on future opportunities.
  • I’m not a failure, I’m getting BETTER every day.
  • The past was not my fault, but today is under my control.
  • Every single day is my chance to move forward.

That’s the spirit!


Watch your email tomorrow for an important message on how to make 2017 your best year ever.

Talk soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS – Become the person you need to become!!!

Become the person you need to become to achieve the goals you want to achieve. Get out of your comfort zone. Resist complacency. Never stop learning. Improve everyday. Demand more from yourself. Play Up a Level. Never settle. If you want advanced results, you must take advanced measures, because you cannot succeed with an average approach.

Santa bedros   Cb   santa“Santa” Bedros at Toys for Tots  …. And Craiggy with the real Santa and Mrs. Clause