Challenge For You and Checklist of 7 Launch Essentials

Dear You,

You are humble. Too humble.

I understand.

But it is hurting you.

Humbleness RESTRICTS you.

It stops you from having the online success you deserve.

Let me explain…in another politically incorrect update from The Godfather.

If you’re in the fitness world, you likely noticed that Tyler Bramlett’s launch in July went very well for him. There is a lot to learn from Tyler. Tyler was confident. Very confident. Tyler knew that in a launch it was no time to hold back and be humble. Nor should he have been. No one wants to hear a meek affiliate update during a product launch.

A good affiliate update should hype the launch, rally the troops, strengthen the Unified Front, and put a fire in your belly to push harder. It should border on annoying arrogance. It should make me skim it – or even skip it – because it’s THAT over-the-top.

Tyler has created something of great value for affiliates.

His launch contained the following 7 Essential Launch Elements:
1.    Done-For-You High-Click Emails
2.    Done-For-You Content
3.    Converting Sales Page
4.    Good Prizes
5.    Entertaining & Engaging Affiliate Updates
6.    Close Contest with Big Dawgs Battling It Out
7.    Affiliate Recognition

You need to bring this confidence and your launch must meet this set of expectations. You need to step out of your comfort zone and contact way more affiliates. You should have a long list of affiliates that you contact on a regular basis. Be like Mikey. Be like Tyler. Be valuable to your affiliates.

Tyler has made a Ruckus. He’s made a name for himself. He’s shown up and done the work like my good friend Shaun Hadsall did back in 2012.

Your challenge this week is to impress an affiliate. You need to think, act, and help bigger. You need to make a stronger connection. You need to SOLVE THEIR PAIN.

Bring them true value. Make your affiliates more money. For until you do, there won’t be any big breakthroughs for you.

Making sales, lots of them, truly connecting with Big Affiliates, not just complimenting them but truly connecting with them as their equal, is what gets you deeper inside the Inner Circle.

You can’t do that when you’ve got the humble-bumbles.

You can only do that when you have crazy confidence.

You can only do that when you truly believe in yourself.

If you’re going to play in the Big Leagues, then you can’t be minor league role player anymore. This is time for you to Man-Up, to step up, to control what you can, and concentrate on what counts.

Tyler has shown you the way. He’s done it with Action and Confidence – put on program repeat – over and over again. Most important, he’s doing something that few people have the diligence to do.

But here’s the good news…

Tyler was once a confused beginner, just like you.

But Tyler decided to change. I first noticed this decision in Tyler at our January 2013 Mastermind meeting. He won our Transformation Contest. Something had lit a fire under his butt. I still don’t know what it was. After that meeting he learned to sell. He started moving faster. He connected with confidence. He became a Man on a Mission.

He developed High-Value Competencies. That’s what you get paid for.

You don’t get paid for being humble – or for simply being confident, of course. You get paid for being competent in creating sales.

Dan Kennedy taught me this back in 2009 at his 7-Figure Seminar.

People get paid for:

1. Mastery of high-value competencies. Find what is right for you, whether you are meant to master copywriting, selling from the stage, joint venturing, paid advertising, etc. Everyone has their ONE thing.

2. Extreme self-confidence & superiority

3. Shameless self-promotion & Aggressive Explotation

4. Resilience, mental toughness & high tolerance for pain

5. Ability to get things done on own & by using OPC, OPM, & OPR (Other People’s Customers, Money, & Resources)

Being Humble is not on the list.

I’m challenging you to Step-It-Up.

If you still need more inspiration, watch my speech here:

How to Man-Up and Change Your Life

No matter what obstacles fly in your way this week, remember to follow that advice. Take this confidence challenge and add value to the world.

Stay strong and keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne
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Time to step-it up and finish 2014 stronger than ever.