Ireland’s First Certified Turbulence Trainer Gives You His Top Fat Loss and Nutrition Tips

My name is Darragh Holland. I live in Clones Co Monaghan, Ireland. At junior school, I got the nickname ‘Dutchy’ which has stuck with me ever since. Having always played a lot of sport, with Gaelic Football being my main sport, I have also played some Soccer, American Football and Muay Thai.

I think I was about 14 when I told my mother, I want a six-pack. She thought I meant of beer, so she wasn’t to impress at all. In my teens, I would have been working out in my room, just doing the basics of push-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls, etc. This led to me doing a Sports & Exercise Degree at University, which really got me interested in the research aspect of fitness and health.

Apart from the partying, some of the topics learned at University were Nutrition, Sports Analysis, Biomechanics, Anatomy & Physiology. Like most people, after college I was unsure of what direction I was going. After realizing what certs were required to qualify as a Gym Instructor, I obtained the certs and got a job in the local gym.

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: That’s a great attitude. Tell us about one of your best success stories and 3 factors to their success.

DARRAGH HOLLAND: There have been a few but I am currently training a man, using Turbulence Training methods of course, who has lost 24 lbs in just 6 weeks. I hope to have before and after photos on my website by week 12.

I would put it down to these 3 factors:

1) Belief in me and the program: There is so much information out there and people are reading so much rubbish that they always want to jump on the next bandwagon. I find that the people who get the best results find a method that suits them and they stick with it.

2) Determination: The people with the attitude of “I have got to make this happen” will do better than the “I’ll give it a go” people. You must really go for it and push through the bad days. The reason most people fail is they give up far too easily. Try to figure out your why and it will be much easier

3) Goals: Your why should help you to set your goals. Do you have a target weight or a target fitness level. Have this as your ultimate goal with short term goals set to help get there. People who do this generally have more focus and accomplish more.

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: Awesome. Very proud of you and your client. What type of nutrition plan do you and your clients follow? And what’s your favorite nutrition tip?

DARRAGH HOLLAND: I like to keep the nutrition aspect simple. Eat 5/6 meals a day every 2/3 hours. Again people love to confuse nutrition and talk about counting calories and can I eat before bed etc.

The problem with 90% of people that have weight to lose is the processed rubbish they are eating. Fast food, bars, crisps, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, the list goes on and on. Avoid these foods and stick to clean, natural foods such as fruit, veg, eggs, beans, chicken, fish, nuts etc, while drinking plenty of water. So my simple tip would be to eat clean and be lean. Avoid the rubbish and eat small and often.

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: What are your favorite methods & exercises in Turbulence Training?

DARRAGH HOLLAND: The time efficiency of Turbulence Training has to be the biggest quality. The benefits of using multi-joint exercises gives the most bang for your buck while staying away from bodybuilding isolation exercises that are so common in many workouts.

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: What is your favorite workout from the TT members site?

DARRAGH HOLLAND: As a trainer I love the introductory and beginner workouts. When a person comes to you who hasn’t exercised in years it is vitally important to give them a good workout without making them not fit to walk for a week.

These 2 workouts are just nicely balanced to get them back to exercising so you can so you can really push them on at a later stage. This is a major factor that I think a lot of trainers miss.

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: Interesting. Wouldn’t have expected you to pick those, but it’s a really intelligent choice. Definitely shows the care and concern you have for your clients. So how can TT readers get hold of you?

DARRAGH HOLLAND: My website is, while I also have some workouts on youtube at and facebook at

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: Thanks Darragh. Any final words of wisdom?

DARRAGH HOLLAND: Pick a programme and believe in it but more importantly believe in yourself, believe it can be done if you commit to it.