Celebrity Email Sales Tip (from a wise old man)

Years ago, in one of the Dan Kennedy newsletters to which I subscribe, I stumbled across a list detailing the “10 Things You Need to Do in Your Marketing Each Month”.

I copied the list and added it to my daily documents for review. For over 3 years I’ve been reading one thing from that list of 10 items, thus hitting each point three times in a month, 36 times per year.

One point stands out nearly above all – Kennedy’s advice to “do one celebrity tie-in“. I’ve been working harder and harder on this each week.

Sometimes it is self-manufactured celebrity (i.e. making a big deal about me and my travels). Other times it’s playing up another mini-celebrity in the TT world, like Mike Whitfield, John Romaniello, or Jason Ferruggia (just don’t tell Jay or Roman that I called them a mini-celebrity).

And sometimes, like in the email below, I go all out and connect my message to a real celebrity (sorry Mikey!).

So you see, celebrity is the C of my C&C email factory. So what’s the other C? Hmmm…what could it be? Well, it’s not only known to boost response, but it’s also known to have killed the cat.


I let the C out of the bag.

You see, the second C of the C&C email factory is curiosity.

Put Celebrity & Curiosity together, and what have you got?

A ton of C’s.

This time the C stands for CLICKS.

Check this out…a 33% Click-Rate on a Celebrity and Curiosity email.


Here’s living color proof of the C&C Email Factory System at work. It’s an email I sent to my list a few months back…


Subject: #1 Exercise Used by Hollywood Celeb to Get Her Body Back

According to one of those celebrity gossip magazines (Bally the Dog has a subscription, I swear!), “In less than five months, Jessica Alba has gone from pregnant to bikini-clad” thanks to one exercise.

Alba’s trainer makes her do this exercise almost every workout. And ol’ CB likes it too. In fact, I used it yesterday morning while training one of my “guinea pig lab rat” clients out here on the farm. Ol’ Bally the Dog and I put together this circuit to burn the fat for all TT readers:

1) KB Swings – 25 reps
2) Narrow-Stance Bodyweight Squats – 20 reps
3) TRX Ab Fallouts – 15 reps
4) Jump Rope – 30 seconds
5) Jessica Alba’s Secret Hollywood Fat Burning Exercise – 20 seconds

Yep, that’s all you need of her Hollywood fat burning exercise to jack up heart rate, get you back in shape, and boost your post-workout metabolism.

Do the circuit 3-5 times, with 60 seconds of rest at the end of each round.

Oh, and that mystery exercise that Jessica Alba uses?

Most trainers think there is only one way to do it.

NOT true.

There are over FIFTY ways to do this one exercise. And there are 21 different workouts for you to do with this exercise. Check it out here:

Take the Hollywood Fat Burning Exercise Challenge <= 1 Magic Move

No equipment needed,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Curious about the magic move?

It’s just 1 move, done 50 ways, in 21 workouts, that will give you awesome results. In fact, this one exercise kicked my butt big-time in the hardest workout I’ve done this year. I blame this one evil trainer and her magic move that works 639 different muscles at once.

Discover the 639-muscle exercise – and evil trainer – here

Put your body to the test, take the Hollywood exercise challenge.

PPS – Sorry, beginners need not apply.

Notice the “take away” in the PPS.

Everybody mail now,

Craig Ballantyne
Don’t be afraid to be a contrarian, to go against the crowd, to rise above mediocrity. Do NOT be afraid to be FAR BETTER than average.