Business Regrets

Are you one of those people with no regrets?

I’m not.

I regret thousands of things that I’ve done.

But there’s one thing I regret more than anything else.

And so today, I’ll reveal that to you, along with a bunch of other reader questions that relate to regrets, mistakes, and not knowing  what to do.

Q: I’m having a really hard time coming up with a big hook for my  info product. Any help? – Travis

I recommend surveying your list and asking them for their #1  problem…what’s stopping them from hitting their goals and what do  they need to get there. Then take that info and write out 30 big  ideas/headlines for your product that solve the most common issues.

Think big. Be creative. Don’t stop yourself from writing down crazy  ideas. No regrets. Go all out with this exercise.

Q: What would you say is a good resource for looking to get out of  the rat race of a 9-5 job? – Eva

Great question, and a lot of people regret not doing what you are doing. So you need to know what you want to do outside of it! Be patient.

Do your research.

Don’t jump into anything – and don’t leave your job until you are  making twice the money with your online business as you do at work.

Start making progress on this transition by getting up 30 minutes  earlier each day or staying up 30 minutes later at night and  working on your new opportunity.

Q: I have a big idea for a product, but I struggle with the actual  content creation. – Tom

Great to hear from you. Start with an outline. Write down the main topic for 5 chapters. Then write down 5 subsections per chapter.  Next, write down 3 questions per subsection. Answer those questions.

Done. Start with that.

Q: Hey Craig, really enjoying the ETR! I love spending money, but  in order for me to achieve my wealth goals, this will have to stop.  What is the book called and who is the author about “living on  less”? – Teresa

This is something you must change or you’ll have a life of regret.  Get, “The Power of Less”, by Leo Babauta

Q: Hi Craig – What’s your biggest regret? – Phil

Phil – Not hiring a business coach or mentor earlier. I’m frugal  (i.e. cheap!), and in some cases I get burned. I could be so much  further ahead had I gotten a mentor sooner.

Q: What is your technique to keep you focus? You know how we have a  million tabs open on our browsers, plus 3 more software opened on our laptop, what do you do to keep the focus? – Teresa

Focus-focus-focus. Or you will have lots of regrets.


Work offline. Don’t open a million tabs. Prioritize. Build up  discipline by making all of this easier with rewards, social  support, and accountability.

Q: What do you build your sites on (such as ETR and TT). Are they  static sites or built of something like WordPress. I’m trying to  figure out which way to go.

Would like to know best resources for shopping carts (e.g. how you sell your TT products), receiving  payments and basic structure. Also, what system do u use to collect  emails data/client details? – Ricky

I have no idea about the sites. Other people do that. I also don’t  know how a car works, but I can drive. That’s all that matters. For emails, we use aweber and infusionsoft.

Q: Good morning! I am currently trying to gain more discipline with my time and the many outpourings of it. However, I have a 20 month  old and an 8 month old, so life is very unscheduled due to lack of  consistency (the nature of babies- at least my youngest!)

I am  trying to find a way to fit in my goals of exercise and personal  reading/ projects but am at a point where I am lucky if I get all  the meals made, errands run, and housework completed for the week. 

I try to tell myself this is only a time but I am a very structured  person by nature and am struggling mentally when I cannot maintain consistency. Any suggestions? – Kellyn

Start by scripting your day and controlling everything you  can…obviously you can’t control everything, but you need to be  ruthless with what you can.

Q: How do you keep yourself from burning out?

Proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and time away from work. It’s amazing that diet and exercise is now becoming a “performance  secret” of business people.

Q: I am motivated until I get to the phone to make a business call.  I turn chicken. I am a visual person so seeing the person I am  speaking to is easier than phone calls. help! I have to make calls  today and usually put it off until it is too late to call. I seem  more motivated right before bed. What can I do? – Michelle

Create a script that you can read from. Use it until you gain  confidence. Just make sure to practice it so that you don’t sound  like you are reading.

Q: Hi, you built up your business online by getting up early and  actually doing it, not talking about it all, did you ever think  about quitting your goals and what was your main motivation to keep  going? – Andrew

My vision, and knowing that billions of other people haven’t been  as lucky as I have in life, so I need to make the most of my  chances. I also get a lot of inspiration from history books on  WWII. There but for the grace of God go you and i…

If I did not do this work, I would regret my entire life.

Helping people change is what I’m here for.

I don’t need motivation, fortunately. I’m driven to do this just  like a bird has to fly and a fish has to swim.

The great thing is that so many people, like you, love to read my emails and ask me questions and let me coach them.

You rock, thank you.

No regrets,

Craig Ballantyne

‘The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude  about the problem.’ – Captain Jack Sparrow