Break FREE from Your Pain: Learn this ONE Thing

Did you do it? Did you pay attention?

Last time I encouraged you to get Curious about the signals your body gives you… to identify the words you would use to describe your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Click here to read that article.

See if you came up with any of these descriptors:

Sad, Angry, Depressed, Lonely
Bloated, Foggy, Tired, Gassy, Heartburn, Headache
Wound Up, Anxious, Jumpy
Disengaged, Irritable, Apathetic

All of those words describe RED FLAGS your body is waving trying to gain your attention about what it’s experiencing.

The following are totally possible signals your body may also give you:

Happy, Focused, Energized, Lighthearted, Motivated
Rested, Passionate, Driven, Excited
Joyful, Light, Connected, Alert

>>>These are signs that you’re body, mind, and heart are being fueled properly.<<<

It’s important to identify what exactly makes you feel good versus what exactly makes you feel bad.

With this enlightening information, you can develop an approach that will help you understand your needs so that you can begin to meet them—and heal.

Ultimately, this new ability to communicate with yourself more clearly will set you free from the fear that accompanies scary symptoms like pain, depression, illness, and anxiety.

Getting to know your self is actually quite simple. Here’s what you do in every situation:

  1. Get Curious: You’ve already done this, but it’s important to stay curious as you progress on this journey of self-discovery. It will keep you open to possibilities you may have otherwise overlooked.
  2. Define the Trigger: Triggers are numerous. They can include people, projects, texts/emails, foods, drinks, thoughts, exercise, lack of sleep, finances, and on and on. Start by identifying the 3 biggest triggers that align with your 3 most disruptive symptoms.
  3. Implement Love, Respect, Compassion and/or Gratitude: In every instance one of these words will be the balm your mind, body or soul needs in order to move through the experience with grace and understanding for how to behave in the future. You will be able to set yourself free from pain, stress, self-loathing, over-eating, and so much more.

Here’s an example from my own life. I’ll use food because it’s pretty cut and dry. There is a particular food my body simply does not like. I can’t digest it with any sort of ease.

In the past whenever I ate it, it triggered physical discomfort and mental anxiety, which opened the door to worry. Worry led to self-defeating chatter, which spiraled into poor coping choices. Yuck!

What was going on? I got curious. I tracked a pattern. I identified the culprit.

>> I’ll reveal exactly how to figure out YOUR triggers next week! <<

Once I recognized the offending food, I had a choice to make.

I could cut it out and feel physically, mentally and emotionally better or I could keep eating it and perpetuate my state of dis-ease.

It took some time to fully avoid that particular food and until then I paid the consequences. However, I didn’t beat myself up. I gave myself space to “get there”.

The more I chose Respect for my body, Compassion for my fears, and Gratitude for the insight (and for all the other foods I could digest) I began to find the decision to cut it out not only wise, but effortless.

In future situations, I learned that choosing Love-based actions from the outset eliminated the roller coaster of physical, mental, and emotional dis-ease I had struggled with.

Curiosity really had changed my life. I have become fluent in “Missi”. I understand my triggers, my tendencies, and my needs. I choose to meet them with Love, Curiosity, Respect, Compassion, and Gratitude.

Become fluent in “You”. It will change your life, too!

In Love & Gratitude,

Missi Holt

P.S. I’d love to hear how the simple act of becoming Curious has created a positive shift in your life. Click here to connect with me on Facebook or click here to comment on my page!