That’s what I say everytime my plane touches down at whatever airport I’m on to next. You can blame my high-energy friend, Dan Long, for getting that word stuck in my head.

Today I’m flying from Tampa to Toronto and then next week it’s off to Denver, then back to Toronto, then down to Costa Mesa (via LAX), then back over to Tampa, then to Miami, and finally back home for a couple of weeks in April. Booyah, Booyah, Booyah. (Don’t worry, I don’t actually say it out loud when we land…I keep it to myself.)

Anyways, I’m rambling, and I have to get to the airport (Booyah). So here’s my buddy Bedros with an important email. Booyah the way, there’s a little lesson in what I just told you…I’ll reveal it to you below. But first, over to Booyahdros…
Hey, Bedros Keuilian here, and as you know, there’s nothing more valuable than developing skills that can make you money by learning from the people that are the best in the world.

And that’s why I’m writing you today…

If you have an idea for an information product that you want to sell the internet then you’ll want to read this entire email.
On March 26th Craig Ballantyne and Rick Kaselj (our top secret Mastermind coaching weapon) are putting on a one day private mastermind one day private info mastermind meeting for a handful of people in Costa Mesa, California.
Oh, and I’ll be there too.

This private mastermind meeting is for people who have an idea for an online info product and for those who have an info product already but are making under $100K a a year with it.

The goal of this mastermind is to give you the blueprint, resources, and action steps to creating, launching, and selling your info product in 60 days or less.

Now, as you may know (if you’ve been getting my emails for any length of time) that Craig Ballantyne is the Godfather of online fitness info marketing. He’s the guy who’s coached practically every big fitness info marketer online today.
And he’s consistently makes 7 figures each year with his own fitness information products online.
Yes indeed, he practices what he preaches!

And Rick Kaselj is one of our most successful online marketing students. He’s KILLING IT with his Exercises for Injuries program. Rick will be there at the 1-Day mastermind to teach as well.

Rick is a relentless action taker and has turned over every rock finding out cheaper and better ways to build your info website, get traffic, recruit affiliates, and make money online.

He’s going to save you a TON of money and time just on setting up your info website and blog, let alone all the money he’s going to help you make with his affiliate connection secrets. Rick is famous in the Internet world for being connected to EVERYONE.
He’ll hook you up with whomever you need to know.

Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll learn at the 1-Day Info Marketing Workshop…
– How to create your info product in one weekend.
– How to structure your upsell funnel so that you make maximum sales from each customer.
– How to write compelling sales copy so that you don’t miss out on a single sale.
– How to drive traffic from YouTube, Facebook, and Blogs so that your product reaches hundreds of thousands of people who need it.
– How to build a massive email list and get them to know, like, trust, and buy from you without any high pressure sales tactics.
– How to find the best affiliates and Joint Venture partners who will send droves of their best customers to your product sales page.

Plus in this private workshop we’ll review your product idea, your “hook” and even help you create the headline for your sales copy

<= the most important factor in selling your products online.

If you need help with your online info product or idea then you’ll want to join Rick and Craig at the this one day private info mastermind workshop on March 26th in Costa Mesa, California.

We normally charge $1,997 for this workshop. However this is the ONE time this year that we’re going to drastically cut the price to attend to only $497. BEST. DEAL. EVER.

There’s only room for ten people, and since this is a hands-on workshop with tons of personal coaching it’s going to fill up VERY fast.

If you’d like to join us just email and she will answer any questions you have about the 1-Day Mastermind and get you registered.

PLEASE NOTE: This is first come, first serve. Once we hit the limit, the offer is closed.

See you in California,

Bedros Keuilian

PS – Join Craig, Rick and myself…

…for a one day info marketing private mastermind workshop on March 26th in Costa Mesa, California. For this ONE meeting only we’ve dropped the price from $1997 to only $497. So it will fill up very fast. Just email and she’ll get you registered!
PPS – CB here again…with your lesson.

You need to tell more stories to entertain and teach your readers.

I guarantee you that my stupid little story about saying “Booyah” each time I fly will stick in your mind…and you might even find yourself saying that when you land at the Orange County airport on your way to the 1-Day Mastermind with me and Rick.

If you do, make sure to give me a great big BOOYAH! on Thursday morning, March 26th, at our meeting. That’ll make my day.

People remember stories, they are entertained by stories, and they learn by stories. If you want to be a succesful expert, online or offline, you need to become a great storyteller, or as I say, a great storySELLER.

Craig Ballantyne

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