86 Done-for-You Bootcamp Workout Boosters

It was time. I had finally realized that I could no longer hold my bootcamps in the tiny little suite next door to the gym I trained at. The suite only held about 12-15 people at the most and I was getting referrals left and right.

Finally, I approached the athletic director at the high school up the street and asked if I could use his gym for my bootcamps. He agreed and my bootcamps started to explode.

I had over 20 people at my 6AM bootcamps, and this was during the summer when it’s supposedly slow at this time.

I knew with all the bootcamps in the area, I had to bring something different in order to succeed, much like my friends Shawna Kaminski and Brian Kalakay. I’ll show you exactly what we did to bring dozens of referrals each and every week.

How I Had 20 People in My 6AM Bootcamp with NO Advertising

My formula was simple. I relied on giving my campers an amazing experience with every workout and giving them a new Bootcamp Finisher after every session. I didn’t have any kind of direct mailing plan in place and I had no clue how to use facebook ads.

But yet, I got new people and referrals week after week. My hook was using these zany (Craig once called me zany and I dig it, so let’s stick with it) bootcamp finishers. So at the end of every workout, we would brace ourselves for a workout grand finale. My campers loved these finishers and would tell their friends. That led to 20 people in the high school gym at 6 in the morning.

Here is a fun finisher you can do with your bootcamps. Do this at the end of your workout session:

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 5 minutes, resting only when needed. Your campers will rest at different times and that’s ok (that’s part of the fun).

Alternating Goblet Lunge (5/side)

Close-Grip Pushups (10)

KB or DB Swings (10)

Great times, huh? Great metabolic times. Fantastic metabolic times. Powerful metabolic… ok, too much.

Using finishers is a referral magnet, but that’s not the only one…

Shawna Kaminski Closed a 40K Promotion

Shawna uses these fun challenges with her bootcamps. In fact, I’ve seen people rave about her challenges on her facebook page.

This is actually her “secret ingredient” to get her campers to push harder and get better AND faster results.

They get to see their progress week after week, getting them to stay more consistent.

Here is just one challenge she uses with her camps:

Ski Jump Challenge

As many reps as possible – Count the total rounds completed in 12 minutes. Partial rounds will not be counted, only complete rounds count for the final score.

Equipment: jump rope, bench or box, timer


Jump Rope (50 rotations)

10 Rotational Pushups

10 Box or Bench Jumps (or Jump Squats)

Rules of the test: Campers will start the test with the jump rope and repeat the circuit as many times as possible in 12 minutes. Record the total number of rounds completed in the time allotted. Encourage your campers to beat their score each time they try this challenge.

That’s an awesome way to push your campers to maximize their potential… and it ends bootcamp boredom.

Brian Kalakay Doubled His Membership in Just 4 Weeks

Brian, another certified Turbulence Trainer, had just 3 people in his bootcamps. But because those 3 people really enjoyed his style, they kept telling friends, and their friends told their friends and so on. The next thing you know, he doubled his memberships in just 4 weeks.

His hook?… using these crazy, but really fun bootcamp games, like this one:

Crab Soccer

Format: 2 even teams of people

Supplies Needed: Stability Ball or Medicine Ball

How to Begin: Divide the class into two teams of even people. Everyone will get in a “crab walk” position. Make two goals using cones that are about 5-8 large steps in width.

Objective: The team that scores the most goals at the end of a 5-10 minute time frame wins.

Rules: Each team must pick a “goalie” to defend the goal. The rest of the team must kick the ball using their feet and try to get it past the other team’s goalie to score a point.

To start have each team as far away from the center of the floor as possible. Place the ball in the center of the room. When you call out “go”, the game will begin.

Everyone must stay in a “crab walk” position.

Tip: For lower ceilings use a medicine ball. For higher ceilings a stability ball will work best.

Now that’s an easy way to let adults play like kids. After all, there is a kid inside of all of us wanting to play, and Brian found a way to make that happen, giving him a very successful bootcamp in Michigan.

Using just ONE of these tools will easily attract more clients and referrals, but what if you could use ALL 3 of them?

You could start out with a challenge from Shawna’s Bootcamp Challenge manual, follow that up with an addicting Bootcamp Game from Brian, and then have a workout grand finale using one of my Bootcamp Finishers.

Imagine being able to hit “print” and then instantly bringing in more referrals and campers without any fancy advertising gimmicks.

Shawna, Brian and myself have teamed up together to bring you a solution to break bootcamp workout boredom not just for a month or two, but FOREVER. You’ll get to use any of Shawna’s 24 Bootcamp Challenge Workouts, any one of Brian’s 31 Bootcamp Games and finally one of my 31 Bootcamp Finishers to give your campers an experience that they will never forget… workout after workout, all in one place.

That’s 86 done-for-you Bootcamp Workout Boosters…. Boom!

But there is one catch – don’t forget to bring the energy.

To your bootcamp business success,

Mike Whitfield, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer