Big Whoosh Success

This guy has been a HUGE online success story breakout star in 2014. If he were an actor, MTV would give him some type of teen choice award. Alas, he’s not. On the bright side, he can teach you a lot about having your own big breakthrough. Enjoy Mikey’s interview with him. – Craig

The WHOOOSH Success Story Interview with Tyler Bramlett
Discover how to have a big breakthrough <= Click here to listen

Here are the highlights:

=> For product creation and to get ideas, Tyler looked at his OWN products to see what was missing and that inspired him to create a new product to fill in the gap. He also looked at the feedback from his own customers.

=> His 3 ways of connecting with affiliates:

1) Go to live events (Online Info Blueprint, Mastermind meetings, TT Summit, Fitness Business Summit, etc)

2) When partnering with someone on a project, put EVERYTHING you have into it. This is an opportunity to get more exposure (He used his CT-50 program as an example).

3) Be personal and over-deliver. Create custom swipes AND even bonuses for affiliates for a promotion.
=> Your order form should match the look of your sales page (colors, graphics, etc.). This increased conversions.

Discover how to have a big breakthrough <= Click here to listen

Thanks Mikey and Tyler!

I will add to that these 5 MORE Action Steps that you must take to achieve success online:

1) Get affiliates to mail for you.
2) Connect with 2 people per day (affiliates, magazine and newspaper editors, other media, etc.)
3) Email your list and sell them 3x’s per week
4) Figure out FB ads so that you can make sales … hold off on buying free subscribers since you are not monetizing them. You need a return on your investment of 100% to make it worthwhile since you are not selling anyone else’s products.
5) Only after you have done the above should you think about contacting other blogs to write for them or making youtube videos.
Keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne

Consistency is key. Never quit. If you stumble, get back up. Whether yesterday was good, bad, or a downright disaster, it doesn’t matter. Time to get back on track. Chin up, head up, spirits up. You know what to do. Get social support to help you make it through the dip and overcome dark days. Focus on what you can do right. Plan two solutions for every obstacle life will throw in your way today. Set a deadline, hit those deadlines, and reward yourself when you do. Stay strong and keep on pushing on, because what else are you going to do? Quit? No. Never. Not you.