Power of the Big Idea

I don’t mean to be rude, but there’s a reason you are not having the success you want.

The harsh truth, right now, is that you simply do not have what it takes to succeed.

I don’t mean that you aren’t smart, hard working, and good looking – your success isn’t only dependent upon that.

There’s something else that is missing.

Now if you’re not ready to face reality, delete this message and continue on with your fantasy.

But, if you CAN handle the truth, then read on…

Today, let’s talk about your lack of a BIG idea.

This is a hot topic in my Mastermind group right now. One of our awesome, hard-working, kick-butt members is creating a new program.

He wants to think it is a “Big Idea”.

But it’s not.

You see, a true Big Idea is a shareable. It’s something that a stranger wants to tell you about. It’s something that defines a person or a business. It’s something that attracts traffic and sales with less work on your part. A BIG idea allows you to finally get the results you want.

All other ideas – including ‘good’ ones – allow you to only make baby steps towards success.

Back to our MM member…he wants to create a 6-week program, but there’s no big hook to it.

There’s nothing different about it.

And so if he were to create it, sure, he’d be able to sell it to his existing customers. But it’s not a BIG idea that affiliates would want to get behind and promote to their customers…

…because it is NOT different than so much of the other stuff out there – including all his competitors AND all the free info available online.

What makes you different?

What is your BIG IDEA?

If you can answer this, you can become rich.

A BIG idea overcomes the need for an extreme K-L-T factor (that stands for Know-Like-Trust).

A BIG idea is shareable.

A BIG idea sells itself.

As I explained at the Mastermind in Miami, we’ve all heard of Dan Kennedy…but the numbers don’t lie…he really hasn’t had a big idea.

And I’ll prove that to you in the article below.

Just remember these numbers:

15,000 vs 1,000,000

I hope this message gets you thinking BIG about the TRUTH around a BIG IDEA…I want you guys to succeed and you need to hear this again and again…it takes a while to “click”.

Even our Mastermind superstar Rick Kaselj needs a bigger idea when he launches his next injury product.

Think BIG. Use the formula I give you in the video below.

Let’s start with the assumption that you don’t have a BIG idea (because if you did, you probably wouldn’t need my help).

Right now, you just have an idea.

The numbers I’m about to share with you painfully show you the difference between an idea (even a WELL-executed one) and the POWER of a BIG idea.

It all started late last year when I read a newsletter that almost made me physically ill. It was from a man that I respected for his marketing wisdom, his business acumen, his legendary products, and annual events he had created.

But the numbers showed me the limits of his success.

It wasn’t pretty.

But it was easy to explain.

What you’re looking at is a partial list of Dan Kennedy’s book sales, and a total at the bottom of all the books he’s sold in his 20+ years as an author.

Only 367,000. Barf.

I’d never have guessed it was so low.

In fact, I polled a few Mastermind Members in Miami last weekend. Most placed the number of books sold at over one million, some even
higher than that.

As you can see, the numbers are much lower than that.


Because there is no really Big Idea.

Sure, Kennedy has a great following (a “herd” as he calls). And yes, he’s created enough money to make him a 1%’er, but he’s still working EVERY day in his 50’s. If he really had BIG ideas he’d be so well off he could retire and spend more time with his horses,but  he isn’t.

His ideas have NOT been big enough. There are no NY Times best-sellers amongst his work. There are no million-plus books moved. He’s done well – perhaps better than you or I ever will – but there’s no breakthroughs from a BIG Idea.

Let’s contrast that with someone that, at one point, had just ONE book and already sold several times more copies of it than Kennedy has in total of all his books combined.

I’m talking about the 4-Hour Work Week, of course. It’s one of the BIGGEST ideas to hit the publishing world in the last decade.

Hats off to Tim Ferriss for this coup. It was brilliant, strategic, and most important to us, educational.

It helped give us the Big Idea Formula outlined in this video here.

Watch the Big Idea Formula (free)

Let’s compare the numbers.

Kennedy has a comparable book to the 4-Hour Work Week called, “No
BS Time Management” (that is excellent) that has sold only 15,000 copies. Those are actually great numbers in the publishing industry, but not BIG IDEA numbers.

So let’s circle back to your big idea.

The problem, most likely, is that your idea is a dime a dozen and can be found over and over again for FREE online.

Sorry, but it’s true.

Your idea is NOT contrarian.

It’s not well articulated.

It’s not something that is DIFFERENT from everyone else.

There are no real specifics in it the promise.

So it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

What can you do to make your idea shareable?

What makes it different than everyone else?

Here’s another real world example of a Big Idea.

It involves the F word, but not every big idea needs to, of course.

There’s a charity called “F@#% Cancer” that is getting a LOT of publicity these days.

It’s edgy, aggressive, and “cool” (like it or not).

It allows more people to get galvanized by the message than by traditional cancer charities.


Contrarian. (Everyone thinks charities are “polite”.)

Maybe you need to be edgier. Maybe you need to be more conservative.

I don’t know. It depends on your market.

But one thing is for sure, you can’t be the same as everyone else, or worse, the same as other stuff that folks can get for free.

You might be able to sell an idea to current customers, but you’ll have a hard time convincing strangers about the power of your idea
if it’s not big.

Back to the drawing board.

Don’t take this lightly.

It’s not easy, but it will be worth it.

Dream Big.

Think Big.

Take it (ACTION) Big.

Make it BIG,

Craig Ballantyne

“Most of our obstacles would melt away, if, instead of cowering before them, we would make up our minds to walk boldly through
them.” – Orison Mardin