Better Than Bedros (step-by-step business coaching)

I got so fired up with the message I shared at last weekend’s 1-Day Mastermind that I got into an argument with Bedros at the bar in New York.

“Big B,” I said, “We need to do another 1-Day before our meeting in San Diego. Is there anything we can do?”

“Sure thing, Ballantyne, he said. Why don’t you and Rick Kaselj, our top Mastermind Coach, put together a special coaching session the day before?”

Here’s the deal…

We’re going to hold a discounted 1-day private workshop where Rick and I will teach you how to create your 6-figure online info business.

The date: Thursday, March 26th. The location: Costa Mesa, California.

Now let me give you a little secret…it might be BETTER without Bedros.

Rick Kaselj is a relentless action taker and has turned over every rock finding out cheaper and better ways to build your website, get traffic, recruit affiliates, and make money online.

He’s going to save you a TON of money just on setting up your website, let alone all the money he’s going to help you make with his affiliate connection secrets. Rick is famous in the Internet world for being connected to EVERYONE. He’ll hook you up with whomever you need to know.

Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll learn at the 1-Day Info Workshop…

– How to create your info product
– How to structure your upsell funnel
– How to write compelling sales copy
– How to drive traffic from YouTube, Facebook, and Blogs
– How to build a massive email list and get them to know, like, trust, and buy
– How to find the best affiliates and Joint Venture partners

Plus in this private workshop we’ll review your product idea, your “hook” and even help you create the headline for your sales copy <= the most important factor in selling your products online.

If you need help with your online info product or idea then you’ll want to join Rick and I at the “Better than Bedros 1-Day Mastermind”.

We normally charge $1,997 for this workshop. However the Better than Bedros event is just $497. <= BEST. DEAL. EVER.

There’s only room for ten people since this is a hands-on workshop with tons of personal coaching – and jokes about Bedros (since he won’t be there).

If you’re interested, just email and she will answer any questions you have about the 1-Day Mastermind.

See you in California,

Craig Ballantyne

Ask the big question…What do you really want to achieve in life? Then think, Are the people I’m spending time with helping me achieve this? … “The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best,” said Epictetus.