Vegas Diet Mistakes and Best Gyms in Vegas

Ready for the best gyms in Dang, Vegas got me again. Every visit a different way.

Here’s what happened this time…

My first stop in Vegas…Walmart for groceries, of course, to buy all the stuff that US customs wouldn’t let me bring from Canada.

This list was good, but there was a fatal flaw in one of my decisions…check out my Travel Grocery List here and then discover my big rookie mistake:

– Vitamin C
– almond butter
– whole grain bread
– almonds
– pistachios
– broccoli
– baby carrots
– one red pepper
– apples
– 3 bottles of water

(I’m sure mine was the only room in Vegas with a head of
broccoli in the ice bucket. Ha.)

My mistake?

I didn’t check the almond butter label and realized the next
morning – AFTER I ate two sandwiches – that it had sugar and
hydrogenated oil added.

The version I wanted to buy would have simply contained
almonds, and that’s it.

Ironically, the almond butter was chosen after I looked at
the label for a jar of peanut butter that had both of those
nasty ingredients.

Unfortunately, my mind ‘automatically’ put the almond butter
in the safe category, but I forgot that nutrition companies
always have to mess with a good thing.

The lesson:

Always, always, always check nutrition labels and never
assume anything in ANY area of life.

If you’re confused about nutrition and need help reading
labels, getting recipes, and putting together a fat loss meal

plan, watch this video from my coach, Isabel De Los Rios:

Nutrition is the key to success with fat loss, but it also
helps you reduce stress.

So I want you to try and eat one new fruit and vegetable
each week. Over a year, you’ll try up to 50 different

fruits and vegetables – and you’re bound to like something.

If you aren’t already eating apples, try one today and see
how it helps fill you up because it contains a lot of soluble
fiber called pectin.

And then add a new vegetable to your dinner.

Simple little changes like that add up to healthy habits over
a long life.

That’s the way to eat at home and on the road.

Speaking of which, I have a flight to catch…heading on to

Nutrition is more important than exercise for fat loss,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – While I was in Vegas, I trained at…

…the small, but effective, gym in the Mandalay Bay. This
was the 9th Vegas hotel gym I’ve used (so the list is now top
9, not just 7), and I’ve ranked them for both strength
workouts and TT fat loss training.

Here are my top Vegas gyms separated by category.


First, this list ranks the gyms on being the best for a
BARBELL-based squat or bench press workout.

1) Palazzo
2) Monte Carlo
3) Luxor
4) Hard Rock – has bench press but no squat rack
5) Aria – no squat rack
6) Mandalay Bay – no squat rack
7) Bellagio – no squat rack
8] MGM – no squat rack
9) Planet Hollywood – no squat rack

And now, the same 9 gyms listed in order of being best for
TT Fat Loss Workouts (squat rack not required)

1) Aria – just because it’s a beautiful gym
2) Palazzo
3) Monte Carlo
4) Luxor
5) Mandalay Bay
6) Hard Rock
7) Bellagio
8] MGM
9) Planet Hollywood

Then plan your meals and lose fat while eating
real delicious food…not junk or the 4 foods
Isabel will show you to avoid.