3 Tips to Avoid Looking Big and Bulky

Combing through today’s never-ending list of workout programs could take days and worst of all, leave you with more questions than answers.  And because losing weight is hard enough on its own, finding a program you enjoy that also fits into your lifestyle should be the easy part.

So when I was recently interviewed and asked to share my thoughts on a number of topics, among them why Turbulence Training is leading the way in fat loss science and research, my goal was to give you clear, ACTIONABLE advice that you could use today to change your body tomorrow.

In part 1 of my interview we address how to choose the right workout program for you, along with the popular concern women have when it comes to weight training – getting too big.  Let’s go….


Q:  Craig, I know Turbulence Training is probably one of the most popular fat loss training programs out there that exists, but there may be some people on the call today who may not really know you or your background, or maybe your personal story.

Can you just briefly introduce yourself telling us a little about your past, maybe your personal body transformation, and what you’re doing now?

Craig: Yes. I don’t have a personal body transformation, but I’ve been training people for almost 15 years now. I started when I was in University, and I have a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.

I invented Turbulence Training when I was a graduate student, because there was a lack of time that I had to train.

So, I took the research and results from clients, and I put it together into a very short versed workout program that originally I published on the internet, I think, was in 2000 or 2001.

Since then it’s been used in every MAJOR magazine and by thousands of people around the world. We run transformation contests and all that type of stuff. It’s really built for the BUSY person.

Q: Right. When it comes to burning fat, I know that there’s kind of a lot of information out there. If you even Google “fat loss” you get tons and tons of information, and they seem to all be contradicting.

Some say slow duration cardio is best, some say don’t do any cardio and just do resistance training, some say don’t do any of that, just diet.

Why do you think there’s so much discrepancy out there and what really is the true solution to fat loss then?

Craig: You take a look at every industry and there’s always varying opinions. That’s just the way the world is. That’s not a big deal. You just have to use common sense.

Look for the ones that have the most success stories behind them. Look for one that suits your personality, your lifestyle, and your schedule. Find something that you like to do.

There are a lot of things that work and you just simply have to find the one that works for you.

Q: We had a couple of questions sent in from some of the listeners. Maybe you can shed some light on them….

…One person says, “Hey, I’ve been losing weight for the last seven months. I’m a female, I’m 5’4” in height, and I weigh 134 pounds and started at 157. But, now I’m trying to get even leaner. I feel like, if I could just lose some more of that stubborn fat I would have some nice definition. What’s the best way to get rid of stubborn fat?” Craig?

Craig: The number one thing she needs to do is definitely make sure that her DIET is as good as it needs to be. If you’re talking about getting advanced results then you are going to have to take what I call advanced measures.

You have to definitely do even better than what allowed you to go from 157 to 134. That’s the most important thing. Then interval training is the next important thing and then resistance training. Those are the three things that are going to help you burn stubborn fat.

Q: Sure. I know a lot of women are worried about, “If I’m going to be doing resistance training and pushing weights, is there a way to avoid building too much muscle and looking like big and bulky instead of trim and toned?”

Craig: The number ONE thing is not to eat too much. It’s very simple. That’s how bodybuilders get big, by doing a large volume of lifting and eating a large volume of food.

So, just make sure that you get rid of the large volume of food. You have to be very honest about your nutrition if you really think that you’re getting bigger. So, that’s the first thing.

The SECOND thing, there’s two ways to reduce the volume of training that will then take the ease off the mindset of women. One, we’re going to reduce the number of sets per exercise. Instead of doing three, you’ll do one.

THIRD switch from weights to bodyweight exercise.

Even though someone might only be able to do eight pushups and that where they fail, a woman has a much easier time wrapping her mind around doing eight pushups as opposed to doing a dumbbell chest press with a weight that she can only do eight times.

Really, when it comes down to it, there’s no difference. But, mentally for the woman that works better for them and they don’t worry about it.

They never go home and say, “I’m doing so many pushups that I’m getting bigger.” But, every time you put a weight in their hand they think about that. So, we just make those changes.

Q: Then keep it to bodyweight exercises?

Craig: Yes, whenever possible.

Q: Another woman asks, “I have a couple of problem areas,” which is primarily their thighs and their arms. Is there any way for specific targeted fat loss?

Craig: You shouldn’t have too hard of a time if you have all that stuff we talked about with the stubborn fat in place for the arms.
The arms are going to get leaner fast, and they should be probably one of the first things to get lean in a woman. A woman’s upper body is going to get lean first, so if she’s really got things in place, the arms should not be a problem.

Then the thighs are generally where women have that stubborn fat.

Make sure that you have the sugar out of your diet….

…….and make sure that you’re doing the INTERVAL TRAINING. Research shows that interval training will help women lose fat there quickly.

Those are the things that she needs to do.

Check out part 2 where i give out key tips to help you lose weight along with the formula behind Turbulence Training’s success.