Are You Taking Statin Drugs? Read This Immediately

Surprise. Surprise. Yet another important bit of information has been swept under the rug by Big Pharma.

Turns out that statins, a $20 billion cash cow for the drug industry, have a serious side effect: They can cause a huge drop in the body’s level of CoQ10. And if you’re one of the 13 million people on statins, there’s a good chance your doctor is not aware of it.

CoQ10 lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol. It also boosts immunity and protects the brain. Most important, Total Health Breakthrough’s Melanie Segala points out, this essential nutrient facilitates the production of energy in every cell in your body.

If you take statins, read Melanie’s recent “Undercover” article. Then talk to your doctor about supplementing with CoQ10.

Dr. Al Sears calls CoQ10 “a miracle heart energizer.” He recommends 100 mg per day if you take statins or have high blood pressure, heart disease, or chronic fatigue.