Always Test — and I’m Not Talking About Your Marketing Copy

When you’re starting a new business online, or making changes to your current online business, make sure you take the time to test as many aspects of your venture as possible. This includes:

  • all the navigation on your website
  • your order and payment systems
  • your e-mail system
  • your sign-up boxes
  • and anything else your customers/prospects will encounter

Submit “fake” orders. Surf your entire website. Sign up for your own newsletter. (And use e-mail addresses from several different providers to see if your messages are getting through.)

It may seem obvious. But I’ve seen too many marketers skip this step.

Over the last 20 years of doing business online, I’ve gotten into the habit of testing everything — everything — before it goes live. And it’s always paid off.

[Ed. Note: David Cross is a veteran Internet marketing expert who has worked closely with Early to Rise and Agora for many years. He is also a featured expert in ETR’s Internet Money Club.]