#1 Affiliate Tip

I’m still on the road.

After an amazing time in Santa Monica and Orange Country with Bedros, Jason Ferruggia, John Romaniello, and Adam Bornstein, I flew out to Denver on Sunday.

This week I’ve been huddled in our ETR offices with Matt and the gang having a no-holds-barred debate on future product development. We have some big decisions to make.

So that’s why I’m handing over today’s article to the big winner from the weekend, Mikey “Land Rover Pancakes” Whitfield.

You see, Mikey won a Land Rover at the Fitness Business Summit for being the Biggest Action Taker in the industry. What a well-deserved award for an awesome guy.

Think he’s having a good year? A new truck, a new baby boy, and soon, a HUGE launch.

But today we’re making him work. He’s got an important article for you about helping affiliates get what they want…because that’s the only way they’ll help you get what you want.

Here’s some TRUTH from Mikey P. Whitfield.


#1 Affliliate Lesson
By Mike Whitfield

It was bound to happen. I knew it had to be this way. I fought and fought, even sweated a little bit. I knew that if I just simply kept going, I could finish this. Finally, after struggling and even a little bit of grunting, I was victorious. I had gotten up from my seat on the plane…. VICTORY.

No, I’m not kidding. You see, I had been filming all weekend with Craig Ballantyne and Brian Kalakay at Brian’s gym in Michigan.

We filmed about 50 high intensity workouts (and finishers of course). My legs felt like mashed potatoes, along with the rest of my body. It was definitely a challenging weekend, but it was fun and I know it will help a lot of people get back into shape. That’s the power of the interwebz (what a fun word).

While sweating through these demanding workouts, I was also taking part in a big launch for Bodyweight Burn, a bodyweight program from Adam Steer.

I’ve actually followed Adam for a while and have been a big fan of his programs. I knew my readers would certainly benefit from his workouts and just chatting with him through some emails, I knew he was stand-up guy.

Ironically, I was planning on launching my new program, Bodyweight Finishers that same week.  “Let’s get crazy”, I said to myself.

For the first time ever, I was going to offer an entire system as a bonus for an affiliate product. Some may look at that as “giving away too much”, but for me it was a  o-brainer win/win. What a better way to promote a new system to your readers and at the same time, help out an affiliate that you know and trust?

I guess you can say my mindset was “Steering” in the right direction. Oh c’mon… that was hilarious.

Seriously, I also knew that I couldn’t have come up with a better product that complemented his program. He’s got the bodyweight workouts that required no equipment, and I had the new bodyweight finishers. They went together like my beloved pancakes and syrup.

As Adam’s launch was happening, I was thrilled to find out that I was in the top 10 – of ALL Affiliates – promoting his product.

That was all I needed. The competitor in me was determined to keep that spot and even see if I could move up.

With everyone that was promoting this program, I knew I had to go big. I never check my emails unless I block off my time for that, but I’ll be honest with you – I was checking the affiliate contest between workouts.

Ha, and Craig knew it, too. Whenever I looked at my phone, he would ask me, “Are you still in tenth?” Busted.

Craig telling Adam that the Turbulence Training World would be his top supporters of his launch.

In the end, I kept my tenth spot, but more importantly, I helped out Adam as much as possible. Looking back, I really did leave it all on the table. This launch of Adam’s was perhaps the biggest affiliate lesson of 2012.

Lesson # 1 – Create an Amazing and Complementary Bonus for an Affiliate Promotion

The power of creating more products allows you to offer more value to your readers. I honestly can’t create enough products for my readers. It’s like me at a pancake buffet. But fortunately, this easy, but very effective technique I’ve discovered with Adam’s launch works brilliantly, and it will work for you, too.

Look at your promo calendar. Where is an affiliate product coming out that you know will go well with your fans? Now what product(s) can you create that would be an amazing bonus for them to get that affiliate product? Now create it.

Lesson # 2 – Be Willing to Promote Hard

One lesson that I’ve learned this year is that you can’t be afraid to sell. In fact, on Friday afternoon (the last day of the promo), I learned that I was actually tied for tenth.

No way… if I was going down, I was going down swinging.

So, even after a day of filming these intense workouts, I sent out one more broadcast to my readers reminding them of the deadline before I went to sleep.

It was an unplanned broadcast, but I was determined to help as much as possible and hold that tenth spot.

Lesson # 3 – Look Ahead

Adam’s launch was a lot of fun, and it opened up this simple idea of taking a look ahead on my calendar of affiliate promotions and really seeing how I can get the most out of them. It’s going to instantly add a new stream of income, while at the same time help my fans by adding even more value.

This internet thing is so much fun. Sure, it’s hard work, but making money while doing burpees and a million varieties of pushups and lunges? It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Unless it’s making money while eating pancakes.

Keep on Pushing,
Mike “Pancake Rover” Whitfield

Another classic success story from ol’ Mikey.

Proud of you, good sir!

By the way, if you want to be a part of Mikey’s huge upcoming launch and help him make it big, just go here for all the details.


Back to work,
Craig Ballantyne

“The best way to get started is to get started. Life rewards action…not reaction. Wait for nothing. Attack life. Don’t plan to death or ask for permission…but act now…and apologize later.” – Kekich Credo #81