Affiliate Rant

Hats off to Dan Long (Info Mastermind Member) and Mikey  Whitfield for running another 5-figure profit launch last week.

Their top affiliate was a guy with confidence – and you’ll hear  more about this essential quality in today’s affiliate rant.

Back to Dan and Mike…they are succeeding because they treat  their readers right and have built incredibly powerful relationships.

They connect. They network. They give. They add value.

And that brings great people into their lives.

You see…

“Ultimately the financial facts of your life will be more governed by who you sell to and the nature of the relationship you have with  them.” – Dan Kennedy

So you must become a MASTER at building relationships. You must connect, create value, and close people – on both your email list  and affiliate list – if you want to succeed.


These are 3 of the 7 C word’s of Success. You’ll hear me talk a lot  about these in the next few months.

Focus on Connecting-Creating-Closing.

Forget the technology tricks that want seduce you, all that social  media blah-blah-blah. Most folks aren’t doing it right.

Besides, nothing beats the 3 C’s and a Big Idea.

As you can tell, there are more C’s…and one of them is confidence.

You MUST have it.

That brings me to a little rant from my friend Rick.

It’s extremely valuable for all of us, particularly folks that are just  getting started…in my opinion, nothing kills a potential business  relationship more than #3…

Here’s Rick’s Rant

“I got a few emails today from people asking me to promote their  product. Which I am cool with and glad to help but. Yes, but…

These were the things that turned me off in their emails:

1) My List Is A Lot Smaller Than Yours

List size does not matter. It is the relationship with the list.

The internet is full of people with big lists but no relationships  with them.

I always look at Whitfield. He must have to the best revenue to  subscriber ratio on the internet.  I would bet money on it. Do what  Whitfield does, play big with your small list.

2) My Little Launch

You have to do a $200 then a $2,000 than a $20,000 and then a $200,000 and then a $2,000,000 dollar launch.

In San Diego (May 2012), I gave everyone my blueprint on what I did  to turn $20 product into a $20,000 launch. I then took the knowledge and  skill from that to leverage it into a $200K launch.

The knowledge and skills you learn in the little leagues will help  you in the pros, especially if you master them.

3) Lack of Confidence

The above shows lack of confidence.

You need to be confident in your product, your skills and abilities. When you approach an affilate and don’t have this, it  shows them, you are not ready to play.

If you are not ready, that is cool. Go back to your list, blog and  product. Practice, learn and experiment. When you are ready,  come back and play.

Sorry, rant over.

Thanks Rick.

The bottom line is that no one wants to do business with someone  that comes across with the attitude of Eeyore the Donkey from Winnie the Pooh. That repels us in every relationship in life.


Having a hangdog, woe-is-me look and whining whimper only works for  puppy dogs – not for humans. In fact, humans with this attitude repel other humans. No one wants to be around that type of person.

So unless you are one of my four-legged friends, change your  attitude, get your swagger back, take action, add value, live by example, and attract other good people into your life.

Work on your confidence. Be proud of what you bring to the table.  And then go to bat for yourself, your affiliates, and your readers.

Make them all heroes.

Make everyone better.

And you will do better,

Craig Ballantyne

Hang around winners that make you play up a level. “Confidence  is contagious.” – Vince Lombardi