Don’t Let Another Weekend Derail You!


A couple of weeks ago, Marie, a gal I chat with regularly at the gym commented on her struggle to “stay” on schedule over the weekends.

“Monday through Friday it’s easier to stay on track. I have to get up and exercise before work; plus I plan my meals and pack my food since I have limited free time. But on the weekends, I sleep later, miss my workout window, and end up winging it with my nutrition – I feel like I squander my free time worrying about what I should be doing. I feel like I fall off the wagon at the end of every week.”

Marie experiences the same frustration I’m sure many of you do, too. Admittedly, I struggled with this until I realized I was creating a whole lot of unnecessary drama.

3-Part Weekend Solution:

  1. Change your mindset – Weekends, vacations, and holidays can all disrupt your normal routine, making you feel like you’ve lost your rhythm and focus but downtime and rest are an important part of life.Shift into a more nurturing and playful energy so the “to-do” list doesn’t overwhelm you but it still get’s done.We have a saying in our house, “Let’s thoroughly plan then wing it!”

    It means we set out intentions then allow life to unfold in its perfect timing.
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  2. Identify your priorities – What exactly needs to happen this weekend for you to feel joyful, healthy, rested, engaged, at ease, or even productive?Prioritize your to-do list and social calendar by selecting one or two important events or tasks to engage in. Let them be the catalyst for achieving exactly what you need to achieve.Adhere to the elements that help you respect your priorities, be it extra rest, a great workout, time for meditation, or a solid nutrition plan, then stay dedicated to the spirit of fun, play, and rejuvenation.
  3. Change your timetable – Many people can adhere to the same timetable every day of the week and it works for them. But if you dread the idea of your weekends being carbon copies of each regimented weekday you’re not alone.For example, Marie felt guilty for sleeping in, believing she missed her workout window. Though she admitted needing the extra sleep, she was derailed all day in her nutrition and other activities.[sc:6M2S-morningroutine ]

    Her mindset tripped her up when she could have easily shifted her “timetable” back an hour or so to get some extra rest and enjoy a peaceful morning while still adhering to her identified priorities.

When I mentioned these solutions to her she looked at me like I was parting the Red Sea! It had never occurred to her that she could do something different and create flexibility while still being productive… but the perspective change was what really resonated with her.

I’ve quoted this phrase many times as it has been my salvation in moments of both panicked overwhelm and apathetic resignation – and it can be your salvation too:

“You have all the time you need to do what matters. You choose what matters.

Discern. Focus. Follow Through.”

Don’t allow a single thought in your head to derail you, paralyze you, or disconnect you from what matters to you. Plan for the change then enjoy the experience so you can approach each task with positive energy and clarity.
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You will enjoy the day and still accomplish all you need to feel healthy and “on track!”