ONE Simple Shift Heals and Restores You Instantly

Feeling connected to her inner self

It’s true. There’s one simple shift you can make today that will make a BIG impact and potentially change your life forever. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. I’ve done it.

I’m talking about the state of mind you reside in most of the time. It directly affects your health, mental and emotional outlook, even success in your career and relationships.

There are two main forms of Energy or States of Mind:

Catabolic: is draining, destructive, and potentially very toxic to you and everyone around you. Catabolic energy perpetuates feelings of being stuck, incapable of change, success, or happiness.

Anabolic: is positive, constructive, healing, and growth-oriented. Anabolic energy helps move you forward to achieve positive, successful results.

In every situation, we have a default state of mind that we choose. When you’re experiencing physical or emotional pain, stress, worry, or fatigue, it’s easy to get stuck in negative thinking patterns.

Studies show that the thoughts you meditate on have a direct effect on the physical state of the body — either stimulating a stress response or a healing response.

What would happen if you expanded your awareness of how you show up in your own life?

What if you set aside judgment and simply observed the autopilot reactions you’ve developed in various situations?

For me, this was eye opening and life changing!

Even as an innately positive, happy, person I found there was damaging areas of self-doubt, conflict, even victimhood that held me back from physical and emotional healing.

Shifting to anabolic thinking has a trickle-down effect. Govern your thoughts and you’ll begin to speak and behave with anabolic energy that is confident, powerful, intuitive, and ultimately leads you to the healing, restoration, and success you seek.

Don’t know where to start? Yoga is the perfect tool to help you become more aware of your State of Mind so that you can break free from fear, pain, and suffering. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Written By Missi Holt