One-Pot Cod, Celery Root, and Chard Delicious Casserole

In Florida where I reside, we feel sorry for our friends up north who must endure severe weather for most of the year.

Sometimes, (like this week), our local weatherman advises us to wear a sweater, cover our palm trees, and get ready for a severe blast of very light frost.

Only then do we retreat back from the beach and into our homes, “hibernate” like the rest of America, and then cook awesome winter casseroles with our family (recipe below).

So this week during hibernation, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen so you don’t have to. I came up with the most wonderful, tasty, easy, and healthy winter casserole you have ever seen.

THIS recipe is a fat-burning must-cook for anyone interested in losing weight.

Top 12 foods to OVEREAT to lose weight

What’s in it?photo 3

  • Fresh cod: which is the nutritionally sound, omega-3 packed ultimate healthy fish.
  • Leafy green vegetables: This is your key to weight loss. Don’t skip these wonderfully tasty vegetables. We just don’t eat enough of those.
  • Celery root: THE vegetable to discover. It’s an edible root vegetable reminiscent of celery and parsley. It is packed with fiber, calcium, and potassium, and most importantly, it’s a great replacement for potatoes.

First, I start by preparing some Swiss chard and celery.
photo 3aphoto 3b

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Then I sauté garlic and diced prosciutto in a bit of extra-virgin olive oil to add aromatic flavors to this easy one-pot meal.

photo 4photo 4b

When the garlic fills the room with its aroma, it’s time to add the celery root, cover the Dutch oven with a lid, and let it cook slowly.

photo 5

When that is done, it’s time for the leafy greens to go in and wilt.

photo 6

Finally, the pieces of cod go in and gently cook to finish the dish.

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