My New Favorite Total Body Plank!

Ah, the Plank Pose. What a universally polarizing exercise—you either love it or hate it.

Variations abound making this one of the most versatile exercises—whether it’s yoga, weight lifting, sports performance, rehabilitation, or any other physically challenging endeavor the Plank Pose can always be found.

As one of the safest and most effect tools for training our core musculature, the Plank has earned its’ ubiquitous place in the sport, fitness, and therapeutic world. So, you might as well learn to love it—because it’s not going away any time soon!

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This variation is one I’ve been playing with for a few weeks after I incorporated a Pike Pull through into my workouts. I realized what a great total body exercise the Pike can be when properly executed and so, as my Curious mind does, I began applying it in new ways.

What was born? The Side Plank with Front Pike

This exercise targets everything from your shoulders down to your feet. But I offer a fair warning: This is an Advanced Exercise. You must ask each muscle to work diligently in a coordinated effort of balance, length, strength, and control as you move through the pike pattern while balancing on one arm and foot. Sounds functional, right? I thought so!

Check out the video.


If you’re an advanced exerciser give it a try—go slow and control the motion. Perform the same number of reps on each side, starting with your weaker side first focusing on quality. Quality determines quantity.

If you’re new(er) to side plank, aim to maintain a strong, stable form in a static (non-moving) side plank first for at least 45 seconds per side.

Once you’ve mastered both sides incorporate baby step progressions. First try lifting the top leg, keeping it strong and active as you lift. Next try bending the top knee toward the chest while maintaining good form.

As you gain strength and coordination you can work toward more challenging variations.

Keep it fun and engaging, but be safe! Listen to your body and go at your own level.