Smaller French fries in McDonald’s kids meals may have garnered the most attention in the past several years when it comes to fast-food makeovers, but Mickey D’s isn’t the only chain making changes.

No restaurant has been untouched by growing consumer concern over hazardous ingredients too often present in mass-produced foods, including antibiotics, hormones and GMOs.

Fast-food companies continue to see decreases in sales and operational revenues as consumers become more educated and demand healthier on-the-go meal options.

Check out this infographic outlining the biggest food-related concerns among consumers and some of the alternatives restaurants are offering to meet demands for safer ingredients.

Overeat these foods and LOSE more weight

Era of fast food-3

Infographic courtesy of euroClinix

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Tara McMeekin

Tara McMeekin is a contributing writer for Early to Rise. She has been in publishing and editorial for more than 15 years.