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Right now in Florida, while everybody else is shoveling snow, perfectly ripe citruses burst under the sun with sweet, tangy, tart, and zesty flavors.

Right in my backyard, I harvest oranges and mandarins, and have the kids juice them for breakfast. They love that chore.

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Top 12 foods to OVEREAT to lose weight

You see, citrus trees tend to “follow” me. Growing up in the mild climate of the French Riviera, they were everywhere. My grandpa had some, and I used to make French lemon tart with my grandma. photo 3

When I lived in Oxford, England, I couldn’t help but have scones, clotted cream, and marmalade orange for tea (a British favorite!). And when I decided to move to Florida in 1999, I adapted my cooking to reflect the citrus bounty.

You’re probably aware that citruses are good for you. In fact, citruses may very well be the #1 fiber-packed, fat-torching, hyper-healthy superfood that you need to lose a ton of weight. NOW is the time to Eat More citrus fruits, and Burn More. And that’s because it’s peak season.

I’ll show you how with the recipes and photos below. But really, I also encourage you to use the beautiful oranges, grapefruit, blood orange, lime, lemon, and Meyer lemon (oh so sweet!) that nature has to offer.

  • Here is a simple way to segment your citrus fruits.

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=> Start your meal with this ultra-simple starter course, a beet salad, including  greens, beets, walnuts, feta, and pink grapefruit segments. (Click on image for recipe.)

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Then try adding citrus fruits in the following:

=> In a salsa recipe, such as my Sweet and spicy Pomelo Avocado Salsa. (Click on image for  recipe.)

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=> In a smoothie. Click on the image for my Tangy Orange Smoothie Recipe.

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