6 Reasons You Should Keep Your Health Resolutions


We’re done with January and we’ve already started to take a big chunk out of 2016. If you’re like most people, you have already given up on most of your New Year’s resolutions.

Who can blame you? Changing is rough. Truth be told, it’s much easier not to change. Especially if the resolutions you made were unrealistic to begin with. Resolutions made at a New Year’s Eve party are usually short-lived.

Yet, I’m here to tell you that achieving your dream body is a way of life that comes with tiny, easy steps. So keep pushing.

Here is WHY you need to stick to it this year:

#1 Old habits are depressing.
Do you REALLY want to be in the same uncomfortable place next year? Staying on the right track is important to getting “unstuck.”

#2 You want to change.
If you feel like you’ve been struggling with losing weight and are not satisfied, well, that’s great news. It means you are ready to turn your life around. Congratulations!

#1 Cleanse Secret (takes just 6-minutes a day)

#3 Change is totally achievable.
The only reason it wouldn’t be is if you give up. Otherwise, you’ll get there for sure. You can do it if you want it, and remember — you don’t need to it all at once.

#4 You’ve already made some efforts.
Do you really want your January efforts to go to waste? It’s time to leverage those efforts and keep pushing for the real change. You’re closer than you think to turning those changes into lasting habits.

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#5 Healthy living is not that hard.
Don’t aim for drastic change. Change things progressively. For instance, add a bit more fiber to your diet. Park your car away from the supermarket entrance and walk. Make a few fun dishes that are going to help. Tiny steps, remember?

#6 We’re here to help.
At Early To Rise, we are dedicated to helping you succeed. That’s a huge incentive for you to keep going and reach your fitness goals. I know I am here to help. As a chef, I’ll answer your questions, provide fun recipes, send chef tips, and be there for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out on my Facebook page. 

And if you want to learn my secrets from me, personally, you’ll want to sign up for my Master Class cooking classes.

Wait, there is more… I know it’s not easy. This is why I’m giving you a bonus blueprint to simplify your life in the kitchen INSTANTLY.

When you are in the kitchen, make sure you:

#1 Clean as you go

This is important. It’s the first thing you learn at chef school. If you dirty a plate or a pan, clean it straight away. Don’t let dirty dishes accumulate. Otherwise every session in the kitchen will turn into a nightmare.

#2 Stay organized. My old French chefs use to say: “A place for everything, and everything at its place.” That means that I want you to stay organized. Make sure your station stays clean and neat the entire time you cook. Organize your refrigerator. It’s not only more comfortable and sanitary, but also contributes to a good time in the kitchen.

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#3 Use proper equipment. I’m not talking expensive stuff, here. I just want you to have a couple of kitchen items that will make a great difference: a good set of knives (chef knife, paring knife, and a fileting knife), a large wooden or plastic cutting board (no glass, please), and then a good, sturdy set of pots and pans. Skillets are the best.

#4 Improve your knife skills. Take a class or let me teach you. Knowing how to slice or dice is essential. It means you’re faster, more accurate, and safer in the kitchen. Everything feels more comfortable all of a sudden.

#5 Cook in batches. That’s your ticket to “healthy fast food,” as I call it. When you cook, prepare food for twice the amount of people in your household. Package it, refrigerate or freeze it. Next time, all you have to do is nuke it. Dinner done in 1 minute!

#6 Don’t follow recipes. Instead, focus on cooking techniques. Recipes won’t teach you HOW to cook. My Master Class can help you with that. You can also Google cooking techniques such as sautéing, searing, steaming, etc.

Here’s to keeping your resolutions and having continued success in 2016!

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